Sunday, August 23, 2009


What will they think of next just to become a congressman? We have more than enough useless members in Congress. Now, they want a representative for "marginalized sabungeros." Say what? Methinks this is unecessary because many congressmen are already sabungeros. It's simply an abuse of the sectoral representation, which really is an easy way to land in the House. A useless bunch just took their respective oaths of office. We should be cutting down the number of congressmen instead of adding more of them in Congress. There are only a handful of excellent sectoral representatives today, like Akbayan's Etta Rosales, surpassing even the 'traditional congressman.' Enough.

Sectoral representation was first devised during the martial law years as a means to ensure the late President Ferdinand Marcos' control of the Batasan Pambansa and to send court favorites, who cannot win any elections, to Congress. Actually, this whole matter of sectoral representation was a brainchild of the late brilliant politician and tactician, Local Government Minister/Rep. Jose 'Peping' Rono. He hatched the plan to ensure his control of the local legislative body and his own political supremacy as well. He was one of Marcos' and the KBL's most brilliant political strategist. As political adviser to the power-packed ruling party, he presented his plan which worked so well for him in the local levels. President Marcos was totally sold on the idea, and he ordered it incorporated on a national level.

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