Monday, August 24, 2009


Has Malacanang already forgotten a past brouhaha over the full military honors given by the elite Presidential Security Group (PSG) for a dead sniffer dog? The public was even stunned to read in the papers and view on TV about the lucky K-9's burial, complete with the playing of taps, the sprinkling of holy water by a Palace chaplain, a rolley of rifle fire from an honor guard platoon, a Philippine flag draped over its coffin, and a strictly subdued atmosphere by the presidential guards. Has our country gone to the dogs? Never!

That Palace K-9 who received military honors not given to soldiers killed in Mindanao in the long war against insurgents joined famous dogs like President Franklin Roosevelt's Fala and President Richard Nixon's Checkers.
Well, another dog always gets us the headlines around the world albeit in ridicule - the common askal. A few years back, Filipinos got worldwide shellacking for reports in London newspapers that Pinoys were dog-eaters. Bad.

But strangely so, to this day, Malacanang is still undecided about giving the same honors to a former head of state, President Ferdinand Marcos. A little plot behind the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Libingan ng mga Bayani is where Marcos chose as his final resting place. It is where Imelda is determined to bury him someday. It was his dying wish, she said, and she will respect it, even in defiance of the late former President Corazon Aquino, who insisted that he be buried instead in Laoag, Ilocos Norte - but didn't find it odd to bury a dog with all the necessary honors befitting a hero. Blas Ople, who was very close to the late Marcos, confirmed that in his intimate moments of conversations with him, Marcos often stated that he wanted to be buried behind the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier because he saw himself as a simple soldier who served his country in war and in peace.

It would do well for this government to bury this issue (pun unintended) once and for all, and give honor where honor is due.

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Luzviewpoint said...

I believe that Marcos accomplished a lot during his tenure. He put the Philippines in the map, while he is sitting as president, so he should be buried , honored and respected as a true Filipino hero. I didn't care much about politics during his years (I believe that he did nothing wrong, because he was not in-charge (Imelda was as far as I know) when he was ousted by the power of the people. During Marcos tenure, I believe that our country is doing better, than the previous and current presidents. As High school student in the early 70's we were doing better, we planted vegetables in the sidestreet, and it's more clean.As I see it , there's more destitute citizens, because the government has no plan for the people who needs help. There are too many criminals, pedophiles are flocking around those clubs who victimize kids ,taking advantage of them, use them as prostitutes to pedophiles (foreigners and local men). I feel sorry for a lot of people who doesn't have nothing,and can't get no help from their government who suppose to be doing something for them. Just imagine how much Gloria Arroyo and her so called delegates (38 congressmen)traveled with her, unnecessarily. Spend so much money, while people are starving in their own country.It's just a shame that the president and her cronies are bunch of hypocrites, lavishly spend money in the U.S, while the people in their country , constituency are in dire of basic needs.