Wednesday, August 27, 2008


While looking at some old clippings of past columns of my father, I found this piece of comment he had written in 2000 which has something to do with our boastful claim that we are "the only Christian nation in Asia." If that were so, how is it that we are also the most if not one of the most corrupt in the region? I think it has also something to do with the reality that we are surrounded by too much religion and yet too little respect for each other.

"Philippine authorities may also seriously consider warnings that it is not wise to be smug in the thought that the Philippines is the only Christian country in Asia and could expect full and unconditional support from western Christian nations. These officials have been told to look at the situation as one where the Philippines is a Christian island in an Islamic and Buddhist sea." - Ariel Bocobo, 'Like It Is,' Manila Standard May 31, 2000

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The Philippine Center for Theatre and the Performing Arts (PCTPA) will soon be opening its studios for auditions for their planned musical which will feature the political life and times of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The musical, which promises to be a hit and an overnight success will be appropriately entitled, "EVITAY!"

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Lying is a cottage industry these days in Malacanang. Newly-appointed Press Secretary Jess Dureza told radio listeners recently that President Arroyo is "a listening president." Really now. Is she "a listening president" when she keeps ignoring the nation's call for her to step down? Is she "a listening president" when she keeps re-appointing public officials who do not pass or who are by-passed by the Commission on Appointments (CA)? Is she "a listening president" when she keeps travelling with an expensive and a large entourage including nannies of her grandchildren? Is she "a listening president" each time she re-appoints a retired general to a sensitive top government position? Is the word "retired" so difficult for her to understand? Is she "a listening president" each time she ignores public clamor for the firing of GSIS' Winston Garcia? Is she "a listening president" each time her numerous attempts at Charter Change is rejected by the Filipino people? We are reminded of former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad when he said it so clear, "When you have a leader who is totally insensitive and refuses to accept realities, then you have a problem." Just for once, can she now be "a listening president" for us all and serve another term not in office - but in jail?


Bayani Fernando is known to frequent astrologers, soothsayers and others of that ilk. One day, he visits Madame Auring and asks her, "What day will I die?" After carefully looking at BF's charts, she declares, "You will die on Metro-Vendors' Holiday." Much perturbed, BF demands, "Which one?" "I don't know," replies the multi face-lifted madame. BF becomes very angry, "You must know!" he shouts, "I insist upon the truth!" "I don't know," persists Madame Auring, "because any day you die will be a Metro-Vendors' Holiday!"


While she was in China for the opening ceremonies of the recently concluded 2008 Beijing Olympics, President Gloria Arroyo had a chance meeting with celebrity Hong Kong film director John Woo. Mr. Woo was so impressed with the athletic fanaticism and natural acting prowess of President Arroyo that he offered her on the spot to star in his next cartoon film entitled, KUNG-FU PANDAK.