Saturday, July 26, 2008


Gloria's State Of The Nation Address (SONA) is a ritual that coincides with the opening of Congress. A lot of preparation has gone to the speech (thanks to AIM Professor Gary B. Olivar), not to mention the collateral fuss that the whole government structure underwent for the occasion - overspending taxpayer's money for the Batasan and its surroundings (thanks to Speaker Boy Nograles), securing the place and the roads that lead there, printing invitations and programs, installing a new set of microphones, tapes, CDs, flags, lights, plants, drinks, finger food, light dinner at the lounge, haute couture for the lady (and the not so lady) representatives, signature suits for the men (and the not so men) representatives, and a host of other details and expenses for a one-hour, lie-filled speech. Only those with invitations are allowed entrance to the hall and galleries. The rest of the nation for whom the address is being made are expected to watch the televised broadcast in their homes or offices, or wherever they may be at the time of delivery and are advised to take two (2) tablets of antacid before listening to Gloria's Sonatas de Kasinungalingan, or they may watch the replay before retiring to bed at night. Last year, the SWS gave GMA a negative rating in the urban centers, but a slightly higher average rating in the provinces although still in the negative too. Why is this so? Has she not worked hard enough to make the citizenry feel that her super-projects are already part of the legacy she has spoken of? A bankrupt legacy perhaps. Are not these super- projects for the super- regions super enough to have the people feel superiorly taken care of? There are lessons in history one reads about regarding the leader who does not encourage the people to be part of whatever the government is doing with them. Participation, initiative (not inis sa thief) and responsibility - these are the key elements if one is to spur the people to development. Everything the president has talked about lies (lies!) in the balance between the forward motion of her projects and the participation, initiative and responsibility coming from the mass base. If these are not elicited from the people, the recited list of infrastructure would remain simply as cold as steel, iron and cement, while the individual citizen remains equally as cold and detached. If such a relationship between the leader and the people has not been established, or has been falsified, all these super-projects would self-extinguish in the consciousness of the masses. If she is not able to "awaken the imagination of her audience," hence the oratorical delivery of the SONA would be for naught. And I expect it to be just that on Monday's SONA.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Last year, some 60,000 nurses graduated from various nursing schools all over the country. Recently, that number probably rose even higher with more new nurses again as the US is now experiencing an over-supply of nurses, and so, where do they go to find employment? They go to spas, call centers and banks while awaiting their much-needed employment overseas - US, UK and Canada in particular. And what is government doing about this? Nothing. Just like our OFWs, our nurses boost the economy via their remittances to their families here - at the same time our beloved government officials and top military officers salt dollars outside the country.

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My unimpeachable source tells me that boxing great Manny Pacquiao purchased last year the Lexus club along Timog avenue in Quezon City to the tune of PhP35 million. Having done this away from the usual publicity and fanfare, I wonder what giant NIKE (International) thinks about this - with Manny having signed a US$20 million product endorsement contract with them, on condition that he behaves like a good little innocent altar boy, staying away from cigarets, alcohol and gambling such as sabong and casinos, and of course from prostitution joints posing as entertainment theatres and health clubs - like Lexus, and for a guy who shows care for our environment, he surely will be taking good care of the wildlife in Quezon City. I wonder, will former Bayanihan dancer Lito Atienza be doing a macho dance number when the night club reopens under its new management?


Isn't it ironic that we are now the biggest importer of rice, and yet the center for 'riceology' - the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), is right here in our country? Now what could have gone wrong here?
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Monday, July 21, 2008


Is our favorite public servant Fernandong 'Di Bayani pulling a fast one on us, with his sights trained at 2010? I ask this question because just as we woke up one day staring at his despicable pictures on posters all over EDSA, there seems to be another sneaky attempt at name recall of him on buses plying the avenue. Notice how many of these buses sport an elongated poster on its dashboard by the driver's side just behind the windshield with the name 'BAYANI,' and with a matching Philippine flag on the left side. Are those his posters? If they are, then what a shame. How about the posters inside the LRT-3 coaches that says, "Metro Gwapito in 2008 - Metro Gwapo in 2010" Bayani is really trying every trick in his filthy book to remind citizens and commuters that he wants to be president in 2010. So, what better way than to take advantage of the public transport system to support him. If Mr. Fernando can't play fair from where he is today, how much (or less) fair play do you think he would inject just to perpetuate him to power if and when he becomes president? Can you even imagine him painting every building pink, Malacanang Palace included? For a guy whose ego is bigger than his brains, he's better off serving as a Marikina kagawad. This guy doesn't get my vote. Tear down those posters and those elongated BAYANI posters on those buses. Shame on Bayani Fernando!


So, it's that time of year again when lies shall be forced into our ears by no less than a lying president. On Monday, July 28, Gloria Arroyo's State Of The Nation Address (SONA) in the Batasan Pambansa will focus on her favorite reminder to us all - "Ramdam Ang Kaunlaran." Really?? Where? How? Ask anyone on the street (any street) about this and you'll surely get a similar reply - "Ramdam Ang Kahirapan!" Hence, I made up a few meanings of SONA.

1. Same Old News Again
2. Save Our Nation (from) Arroyo
3. (She) Screws Our Nation Always
4. Send OFWs No Assistance
5. Seven Out (of) Nine (despise) Arroyo
6. Stamp Out Now Arroyo
7. Sulpicio Owners' No Action
8. Show-Off, Numb, Arrogant
9. Same Old Nothing Again
10. Shame On (this) Nation's Administration
11. Same Old Nincompoops (in her) Administration
12. Sense Of Neuralgia After
13. Same Old Nematode (this) Arroyo
14. Same Old Nitwits (in her) Administration

Our Ship of State is the only ship in the world that leaks from the top. That's the real SONA.

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