Monday, July 21, 2008


So, it's that time of year again when lies shall be forced into our ears by no less than a lying president. On Monday, July 28, Gloria Arroyo's State Of The Nation Address (SONA) in the Batasan Pambansa will focus on her favorite reminder to us all - "Ramdam Ang Kaunlaran." Really?? Where? How? Ask anyone on the street (any street) about this and you'll surely get a similar reply - "Ramdam Ang Kahirapan!" Hence, I made up a few meanings of SONA.

1. Same Old News Again
2. Save Our Nation (from) Arroyo
3. (She) Screws Our Nation Always
4. Send OFWs No Assistance
5. Seven Out (of) Nine (despise) Arroyo
6. Stamp Out Now Arroyo
7. Sulpicio Owners' No Action
8. Show-Off, Numb, Arrogant
9. Same Old Nothing Again
10. Shame On (this) Nation's Administration
11. Same Old Nincompoops (in her) Administration
12. Sense Of Neuralgia After
13. Same Old Nematode (this) Arroyo
14. Same Old Nitwits (in her) Administration

Our Ship of State is the only ship in the world that leaks from the top. That's the real SONA.

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