Saturday, November 22, 2008

"They are like dried-up springs, like clouds blown away by a storm. They make proud and stupid statements, and use immoral bodily lusts to trap those who are just beginning to escape from among people who live in error. They promise them freedom while they themselves are slaves of their own destructive habits." - 2 Peter 2:17-19

"Religiously Correct" Christians who run to Scripture in an attempt to flee from judgment by their fellow-Christians incorrectly maintain that only God has the right to judge and that they would rather submit themselves to God's judgment instead of man's, even though they continue in their pastor's false teachings and behavior which is really unacceptable, whichever way it is viewed. By assuming that position, they hope and pray to escape the humiliation and consequences of accountability to Christian authority, which they are more afraid of, instead of God's wrath and condemnation. They pretend to submit themselves to God's judgment, revealing that they do not really believe that God will judge them for their actions, which will definitely be more severe than any human judgment. When Scripture is mis-used in an attempt to cover or insulate false pastors and false teachers and false life-coaches, and illegal and immoral behavior from accountability to those things that are specifically condemned and prohibited in Scripture, then the very serious issues are raised, because Scripture is very specific in revealing the teaching and conduct of these individuals and stating what the consequences of their behavior will be. When supporters of false pastors and false teachers and immoral leaders believe that the Scripture can be used to cover sinful behavior, actions and doctrine on the part of their leaders, and is considered to be acceptable and tolerable, then even greater and more serious issues are raised, especially in regards to the sovereignty of God. So, who is sovereign, the man who declares immunity from sin by his own self-serving claim and the followers who defend the action of that pastor, or the God who established the standard in the Scripture and judges all? Many Christians are undiscerning in the selection of the pastors and teachers that they choose, believing that some emotional response to a religious situation or the excitement of some preacher in a training series or church service constitutes a right relationship with God, and as a consequence, they deliberately refuse to submit themselves under the authority of Scripture when applied to themselves. Sitting under the ministry of a false pastor who engages in immoral conduct or lies is preferable to facing the reality of what the Scripture teaches in relation to that preacher, because they must also apply what the Scripture teaches in their own lives. Many Christians would claim that the only proper response to immoral and illegal conduct by their pastor is not to confront it, but only to pray for those individuals. It is well that we should pray for them, but many Christians engage in pointless prayers by constantly seeking guidance, when it is already revealed in Scripture and their prayers go amiss when they continue to support and accept a leadership specifically condemned by the Scripture. Many in the Christian world claim that Christians should simply be loving, caring, accepting and tolerant with no doctrinal differences becoming an issue. They would claim that all deviant actions of their favorite pastor and drinking buddy should be forgiven and accepted with no punishment given, even when true repentance from their pastor is never expressed. On the contrary, true arrogance instead is exercised by this individual. Sadly so, it is those false pastors who are then allowed to continue in their excesses without accountability and it is those who have been deceived, abused and robbed who pay the price, and will continue to pay the price because the actions will continue. He must be exposed as his evil conduct must be stopped. Even forgiveness by God is predicated on genuine repentance by the forgiven and not forgiveness with continuation in that which is to be forgiven. Is a murderer forgiven only to be allowed to murder again? Some will be willing to accept error rather than truth, false teachings rather than correct, immorality rather than morality, illegal behavior rather than legal. These Christians defend their favorite pastor against the direct words of God and by doing so, they place themselves in the same position as their pastor, participating by assent in the same sinful actions as their pastor's, and bringing on themselves the rebuke of God which they do not even see. To accept and even defend the immoral behavior of their pastor is the same as participating in it and reveals how far many Christians distance themselves from the true authority of the Scripture in order to place themselves in a position of sovereignty over God and His commands. They adopt a backward theology, that wrong equates to right, and right equates to wrong. The same Christians who will defend their pastor when he steals from the offering plate for their own selfish indulgences, or when he impregnates a female member of the church, bring reproach on the name of Christ by his immoral behavior, steal truth from God and claim it to be falsehood, steal sovereignty from God by claiming authority which they do not have, steal the majesty of God, and steal the souls of adherents by teaching a prosperity message which is far from his lifestyle. The most heinous sin is that of the false teacher who teaches a false prosperity message. But undiscerning Christians support and defend the likes of him - who put the souls of followers in danger of hell, claiming that they wish to live peaceably with all men rather than stand for the authority of the Scripture and show true love to their brethren by speaking directly to the heresies that are a danger to their souls. They reveal the true lack of love in their character, by allowing those to continue in their false teachings and preachings, by allowing the lowest common denominator that will allow Christians to live in peace with that which is dark and false in their midst, being the support and defense of the false over the true. To the undiscerning, blind followers of this false teacher, the question must be asked, "Who do you wish to defend, the self-proclaimed false preacher that you love and adore, or the sovereign God of the universe whose commands and doctrines you deny because you support and defend that which is immoral and hypocritical?
As a reminder:

1. Scripture prohibits Lying Pastors - 1 Timothy 3:8, Titus 1:7, 2 Peter 2:3
2. Scripture prohibits Immoral Pastors - 1 Timothy 3:2, 2 Peter 2:2
3. Scripture prohibits Drunken Pastors - 1 Timothy 3:3, Titus 1:7
4. Scripture prohibits Self-Willed Pastors - 2 Peter 2:10
5. Scripture prohibits Materialistic Pastors - 1 Timothy 3:3, Titus 1:7, 2 Peter 2:3
6. Scripture prohibits Disobedient Pastors who despise authority - 2 Peter 2:10

It only takes less than an ounce of brains to figure out why one should refrain from misrepresenting one's selves by using the same church name or any similarities to that, which rightfully belongs to subject legitimate church. There is only one legal owner of that nomenclature. This is plain and simple callousness and arrogance and the offending parties may suffer the consequences - or perhaps some just have the mental capacity of a minor kitchen appliance not to know?
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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just a thought. While Press Secretary Jess Dureza looks at the President and prays for her, the Filipino people likewise look at the President - and then pray for the country.

"She is a woman of splendid abilities, but utterly corrupt, like a rotten sardinas under a full moon, she shines and stinks." Just a thought.


Bayani Fernando dies and goes straight to the nether world Sheol. There, he is immediately greeted warmly by Gloria Arroyo. "Papa Satan will be with you in a few minutes," she says. "Since you are new here, you should probably be warned that we all rise when he enters," she continues. "What?! I get up?! but ma'am, don't forget that I was chairman of Metro Philippines for a long time since I lost in the presidential elections twice!" screamed Bayani. "BF, don't you also forget that I was president of my stolen republic 'til 2020, because when God rejected Jess Dureza's prayer in 2008, Satan immediately seized the opportunity to answer it, and yet I have the manners to rise," explained Gloria. "Not I!" declared Bayani. The argument is becoming warm when Raul Gonzalez approaches. "Peace, madam president and mr. chairman," he says. "I will fix everything." Three solemn knocks announce the coming of Satan. "Attention!" thunders Gonzalez. "Here comes the photographer!" whereupon Bayani Fernando jumps to his feet, folds his arms, sticks out his chin and chest.
Peace and kaayusan reign in Metro Hell.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Since the beginning of the botched felony of 'Le Filipine Euro Generale et Gendarmes' in Moscow, I have always wondered about the big fish involved here. When a scandal like this takes place, one always wonders about the chain of command's involvement and how high it reaches the top, especially if it has everything to do with government funds. After witnessing the recent Senate inquiry on the matter, I am convinced together with legions of suspicious Filipinos that a cover-up has just taken place. It's obvious that PGen. Eliseo De la Paz is now a fall guy. And in the PNP's hurried and amateurish attempt to erase their tracks and all, I think they simply overlooked one item - FH Money Changer. My malicious mind tells me that the initials FH could mean ... First Husband?


With Christmas just around the corner, our policemen will again be wearing Santa Claus headgear as they patrol our urban areas, a reminder to us all that police visibility is a deterrent to crime. Is it really? Because a lot of times, it is our very own PNP who are the ones involved in the very crimes they were supposed to protect us from. On the other hand, take the case of the recent 'Euro-Generals' scandal led by PGen. Eliseo De la Paz. That really is the height of the PNP top officers' disregard for applied international law, and convinces everyone that their planned felonies have since gone global. Shame on De la Paz and party! Their Russian counterparts should have shipped them out instead to Siberia for some good old Russian police training and discipline. But since they're already home in the loving, caring arms of DILG Sec. Ronnie Puno, instead of the Santa headgear this Christmas, the DILG chief should lead by example, and then instruct them to follow him by wearing handkerchiefs over their faces with only their eyes showing. That would be more appropriate. And back here, our PNP should bear in mind always to obey the law while enforcing the law.
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