Sunday, November 16, 2008


Since the beginning of the botched felony of 'Le Filipine Euro Generale et Gendarmes' in Moscow, I have always wondered about the big fish involved here. When a scandal like this takes place, one always wonders about the chain of command's involvement and how high it reaches the top, especially if it has everything to do with government funds. After witnessing the recent Senate inquiry on the matter, I am convinced together with legions of suspicious Filipinos that a cover-up has just taken place. It's obvious that PGen. Eliseo De la Paz is now a fall guy. And in the PNP's hurried and amateurish attempt to erase their tracks and all, I think they simply overlooked one item - FH Money Changer. My malicious mind tells me that the initials FH could mean ... First Husband?

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