Friday, May 22, 2009


I sure hope the MMDA pulls down those Likuan U (Lee Kuan Yew) signs on EDSA's U-turn slots soon before some patriotic Singaporean calls the attention of the government. Otherwise, it certainly would be a very embarrassing thing. Methinks this is no way to pay honor to an esteemed leader like former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Who ever had this silly idea must be peltered with rotten tomatoes, or better yet, a kaing of rotten macopa - the pinkier in color, the better.

However, if the MMDA claims not responsible for these signs, then they should at least have the sense of respect to pull them down at the soonest possible time. In Tagalog, katawa-tawa tayo. It's high time Bayani Fernando's Urbanidad Que Barbaridad project turns to some no-nonsense stuff, and not some silly and idiotic patawa signs like these Likuan U. But then again, can one really blame Bayani for his naturally baduy taste as he slowly but surely transforms his Metro Manila (now Metro Philippines?) into one tacky 'tropolis?