Saturday, November 21, 2009


Elite families from the Marcos, Aquino and Arroyo camps cross paths at the snooty Manila Golf (Club) in Forbes Park especially during after-office cocktails at the bar and Sunday lunches (which are family affairs) at the main dining room.

They give each other cold stares and whisper their contempt against the balimbings. They openly speculate about who among the members of these families will again "turn traitor" if the 2010 elections bring about a change of political fortunes.

Certain prominent persons identified with the Arroyo government have reportedly started touching bases with the other side of the political fence.

Loyalty ends where lameduck begins?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The identity of the man who gave a gift of US$10 million from the late President Ferdinand Marcos to the campaign chest of the late US President Ronald Reagan in 1984, but which had been pocketed by a Washington lobbyist is again being talked about in a few political circles.

It is said he was a member of the Batasan Pambansa in 1984 and was a leading opposition leader in the mid-1990s. He was a top confidant and adviser of both the late President Marcos and former First Lady Imelda Marcos. A congressional probe on the matter should be initiated and a formal resolution to this effect could be introduced in the Lower House.

Clues as to the identity of the Marcos confidant can be gleaned from Ed Rollins' book Bare Knuckles and Back Rooms: My life in American Politics. Rollins was Reagan's campaign manager in the 1984 US polls.

As the story goes, Rollins describes the man as "a real power broker," "educated," "sophisticated," and "charming," who invited him one night in 1991 to the man's home and introduced him to his family. Rollins was then taken to the home of the man's mistress for dinner. Drinks and all, and he was asked, "you ran Reagan's campaign, didn't you?" Rollins nodded, but he had no idea where this was leading to although he said the scotch was "damn good."

The man smiled and said, "I was the one who gave the US$10 million from Marcos to your campaign."

Rollins said the man admitted he delivered the money in cash personally and named the receiver, a well-known Washington power lobbyist.

"Cash? Holy shit!" Rollins exclaimed and thought, it didn't reach the Reagan campaign chest.

This looks too interesting now that it has been exposed again. A thorough probe could be in the offing and the public in both countries should be well informed.

Monday, November 16, 2009


That's the trouble with instant projects. In the rush, they usually suffer from lack of coordinated planning and implementation. After all, the prime objective is impact and propaganda.

The Arroyo administration clearly wants to be remembered by its infrastructural accomplishments, and what better projects than flyovers and skyways to impress the public?

President Arroyo, along with her closest advisers, are cramming into the last few months projects that should have been done from Day One of her administration. It has only succeeded in proving right anew the old axiom that haste makes waste.