Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's plain Jejemoniacal, these fraternity initiations. For they nullify the true message of scholarly conduct. Today's stude, tomorrow's tyrant?

Whatever happened then to a clamor to ban fraternity initiations in colleges and universities in the country? With the opening of schools come the waxing of paddles in college fraternity homes. Or are we just too quick to forget that some years ago, a hazing ritual (among several others) led to the death of Lenny Villa, the only son of former Internal Revenue Commissioner Romulo Villa. Lenny was a neophyte of the Aquila Legis society of the Ateneo Law School. The same prestigious Jesuit school which boasts of turning out the nation's brightest and the best? Now, it has since been included in the list with the University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, the Far Eastern University, the FEATI, and other colleges for barbarism, sadism and carnage in fraternity hazings. How many other parents have lost sons in the past because of this?

These college societies with impressive Greek names and logos are no better than the underworld's notorious gangs like the O-X-O, the Sigue-Sigue, BCJ and the Bahala Na groups.

No wonder, many of these college kids grow up to become crooked and blood-thirsty political warlords, unscrupulous business tycoons and corrupt military officers.