Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Okay, so you sent me this quite impressive list of the Aquino administration's achievements and then linked it to how offspring Noynoy is bound to continue what mother dear started. Quite remarkable - and full of spin. Thank you for the lenghty letter. However, in reminding me the Aquino regime's "successful" trips to Europe, permit me then to tell you what really happened in one of their trips, a.k.a. begging missions, junkets to Europe: Thanks to them, the mission nailed down the distinction that Pinoys are the world's classiest beggars. The stylish Philippine delegation went about their mendicancy mission with such flair and savoir vivre that put to shame delegates from 34 other beggar-nations who had gone to Paris to plead for economic aid from the Group of Seven wealthy industrialized nations. The puny Bangladesh mission particularly looked so pathetic compared to the classy Philippine mission.

And oh those chic wives of Cory cabinet members and other officials who had no business being in the mission in the first place. Reports from the Philippine diplomatic people in the German and French cities the mission had visited so far belly-ached what a pain in the arse these wives were.

The Philippine media noted that embassy personnel were herded to act as guides and utility people for these matronas on their wild shopping sprees and forays in ritzy cafes and night clubs.

This was especially true in the case of attaches and other overseas employees of the different cabinet departments who were ordered to attend exclusively to the needs of their respective cabinet secretaries and of course their clinging wives.

Beggars can't be choosers? Not for this swinging Philippine group! They had the best accomodations, tickets to the best shows and operas, dined and wined at the most expensive restaurants and shopped at the trendiest stores. They were also highly visible at the extravaganza and merriment of the bicentennial celebration of the French Revolution in Paris. Vive La France!

But the high visibility of the Philippine missioners in glitzy French places could have been harmful for the aid-seeking trip of the Aquino group. Donor-countries could get rubbed (robbed?) the wrong way, especially because of reports of graft and corruption, misuse of foreign aid, extravagance and human rights violations flowing out of Manila regularly to these countries. This could have been the reason why Japan suddenly failed to include then our country among the priority countries to benefit from a $43-billion package brought to Paris by then Japanese Premier Sosuke Uno for aid to impoverished nations. Uno listed Mexico as scheduled for an aid package of $1 billion and six African nations from a $600-million outlay. The Philippines was lumped among "other countries" which could benefit from the whopping Japanese economic aid package.

The danger was that prospective donors might have believed that asinine statement by a Malacanang favorite then who was booted out from his job, that the Philippines is really "a rich country pretending to be poor."

This is my version of your subject matter. I'm ready then for a second Aquino to occupy Malacanang and yes, he will carry on - with the blunders.

(Image from http://wikitravel.org/)