Friday, September 12, 2008


It certainly makes private citizens like me suspicious, knowing that no less than MMDA Chairman Bayani 'BF' Fernando is the alleged owner of BF Steel Corporation, as mentioned by 'The Game' on the comment section of a previous similar post right here, and then at the same time embarks on an aggressive "ironization" of Metro Manila - constructing pink and blue footbridges here, pink and blue footbridges there, pink fences here, pink fences there - and those ghastly looking male urinals that even 'askals' would not dare use to do their thing, not to mention those Toblerone-like killer concrete barriers which, to this day all remain unlit and have maimed and killed a number of motorists under the watch of a presidentiable wannabe who believes so much in himself thinking that Marikina is Metro-Manila, and Metro-Manila is the Philippines. I smell some kind of a conflict of interest here somehow. Does the MMDA bid out its "ironization projects," or are they automatically awarded to the BF Steel Corporation? Can the MMDA please be transparent on this thing since it involves no less than hard-earned taxpayers' money? By the way, while those steel footbridges may be good to many pedestrians concerning their safety, it ain't so totally safe since they're so slippery and dangerous to its users during and after the rains because of its flat and smooth surface, and most especially to the elderly and the infirm. It's hard to believe that a guy like BF, who thinks of the beautification (many call it 'uglification') of Metro-Manila would not prioritize safety, and it sure is not on top of his list. He would prioritize his posters all over the thoroughfares like EDSA, BAYANI stickers on buses and "guwapito-guwapo ads" on LRT trains, but never on safety. Unlit concrete barriers, slippery steel footbridges, askal-unfriendly male urinals, arrogant kotong MMDA blue boys, idiotic slogans and silly color combinations that even Liberace, German Moreno or Mike Velarde would not approve. That's today's MMDA for you. So, is the Philippines ready for a Bayani Fernando presidency? And what, a pink Malacanang Palace? No way, Ememdee-ey!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So, it's payback time once again for some (and soon for all) of the losing Team Unity bets. Paid recently were former Senator and lifetime comedian Tito Sotto to the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB); former Senator Ralph Recto (aka Mr. Santos) to the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA); former Presidential Chief of Staff and Congressman Mike Defensor, who recently bagged the Nickel in Beijing at the same time that the rest of the international athletes were dying for the Gold - Mike settles so happily for the Nickel with no less than President Gloria Arroyo in attendance to witness the contract signing; former printing machine salesman and Congressman Prospero 'Butch' Pichay (itanim sa senado, o ibaon sa lupa?) to the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA); and quite recently, former Ilocos Sur Governor/whistle-blower/Erap nemesis/Pacquiao patron - Luis 'Chavit' Singson as Deputy National Security Adviser (DNSA). Methinks Sotto should just continue recording 'Laff Hits' with brother Vic and celebrity comedian Joey de Leon, while Recto should redeem himself from the nomenclature "Ang Rectong 'Di Claro," while Defensor should explain how a losing company like GeoGrace can bag a multi-million dollar Nickel project from China. As for Pichay, shouldn't he just return to selling printing machines? After all, elections are just around the corner, and he sure could corner a lot of sales both from government and private businesses. And last but not least, Singson - well, he does have many friends and connections both in the intelligence community and in the unintelligent community. Unlike the rest who are more of a liability to GMA than an asset, Singson might just deliver the goods to the government, so to speak. He is a deep-rooted politician and well-connected, contrary to his superior NSA Norberto Gonzales, whose only known connection is with the executives who signed with him the forgotten Venable Contract with government. More rewards are coming soon. Forget the Civil Service Commission. Forget the career executives in government. When Gloria pays back a political debt, she certainly overpays!

Monday, September 08, 2008


The Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia recently conducted a survey on GMA. It was discovered that Pinoys are generally happy and satisfied with GMA's nationwide programs. When asked what program they like and approve the most, majority of respondents replied: 'DYESEBEL.'
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