Friday, September 12, 2008


It certainly makes private citizens like me suspicious, knowing that no less than MMDA Chairman Bayani 'BF' Fernando is the alleged owner of BF Steel Corporation, as mentioned by 'The Game' on the comment section of a previous similar post right here, and then at the same time embarks on an aggressive "ironization" of Metro Manila - constructing pink and blue footbridges here, pink and blue footbridges there, pink fences here, pink fences there - and those ghastly looking male urinals that even 'askals' would not dare use to do their thing, not to mention those Toblerone-like killer concrete barriers which, to this day all remain unlit and have maimed and killed a number of motorists under the watch of a presidentiable wannabe who believes so much in himself thinking that Marikina is Metro-Manila, and Metro-Manila is the Philippines. I smell some kind of a conflict of interest here somehow. Does the MMDA bid out its "ironization projects," or are they automatically awarded to the BF Steel Corporation? Can the MMDA please be transparent on this thing since it involves no less than hard-earned taxpayers' money? By the way, while those steel footbridges may be good to many pedestrians concerning their safety, it ain't so totally safe since they're so slippery and dangerous to its users during and after the rains because of its flat and smooth surface, and most especially to the elderly and the infirm. It's hard to believe that a guy like BF, who thinks of the beautification (many call it 'uglification') of Metro-Manila would not prioritize safety, and it sure is not on top of his list. He would prioritize his posters all over the thoroughfares like EDSA, BAYANI stickers on buses and "guwapito-guwapo ads" on LRT trains, but never on safety. Unlit concrete barriers, slippery steel footbridges, askal-unfriendly male urinals, arrogant kotong MMDA blue boys, idiotic slogans and silly color combinations that even Liberace, German Moreno or Mike Velarde would not approve. That's today's MMDA for you. So, is the Philippines ready for a Bayani Fernando presidency? And what, a pink Malacanang Palace? No way, Ememdee-ey!


politikobuster said...

No. the Philippines is not ready for a Bayani Fernando. BF is a corrupt and a trapo. what do you call a gov't official/politician who uses public funds and resources for his political ambitions... trapo.

politikobuster said...

Where in the Philippines is Bayani Fernando?

Maria Angela said...
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Maria Angela said...

Hindi handa ang Pilipinas sa mga citizens na katulad ninyo.

Do you know why those footbridges are mostly made of iron? Because it's the cheapest yet innovative and robust design for an overpass bridge. The cost of ONE CONCRETE overpass bridge is roughly equivalent to THREE IRON footbrdiges of the same length - raw materials are cheaper and it's not labor intensive. It makes better use of your HARD-EARNED TAX MONEY! And all you just do is to shoot down this initiative. Oh yeah, call that working hard for your country.

Before you link these footbridges to BF Steel, understand first the merit of such infrastructure! BF, by the way, also owns a big and known construction company that can easily bid and build CONCRETE FOOTBRIDGES. So whether people see concrete or iron footbridge, people like you will still suspect him. Are you aware that BF and Binay used to be very good friends (probably they still are) because BF built a good number of office buildings in Makati. One of those (I forgot the name of the building)is the tallest building in Makati. So, those footbridges are BARYA to what BF has earned and can earn. You call for govt transparency but we must also be prudent and discerning citizens.

Na-biktima na tayo ng "Expose culture" ng mga trapo na puro "Expose" ngunit ang layunin lamang ay manira para sa kanilang pansariling kapakinabangan. Paratang na walang maayos at kapanipaniwalang ebidensya. And mass media, whose primary objective is business (in the service of the filipino kuno), has conditioned the masa that what is SENSATIONAL is what must be the TRUTH.

No wonder there is no single institution here in the Philippines that we can trust 100%. (of course, we all admit that there will always be corrupt people around - saang bansa ba walang corrupt, sa America kung saan greener ang pasture? ghee!)

Let us all be aware and vigilant that we DO NOT BECOME the MONSTERS that we are ALL FIGHTING.

LCB said...

Thanks Maria Angela - I always learn the most from those who disagree with me.