Thursday, November 20, 2008


Bayani Fernando dies and goes straight to the nether world Sheol. There, he is immediately greeted warmly by Gloria Arroyo. "Papa Satan will be with you in a few minutes," she says. "Since you are new here, you should probably be warned that we all rise when he enters," she continues. "What?! I get up?! but ma'am, don't forget that I was chairman of Metro Philippines for a long time since I lost in the presidential elections twice!" screamed Bayani. "BF, don't you also forget that I was president of my stolen republic 'til 2020, because when God rejected Jess Dureza's prayer in 2008, Satan immediately seized the opportunity to answer it, and yet I have the manners to rise," explained Gloria. "Not I!" declared Bayani. The argument is becoming warm when Raul Gonzalez approaches. "Peace, madam president and mr. chairman," he says. "I will fix everything." Three solemn knocks announce the coming of Satan. "Attention!" thunders Gonzalez. "Here comes the photographer!" whereupon Bayani Fernando jumps to his feet, folds his arms, sticks out his chin and chest.
Peace and kaayusan reign in Metro Hell.

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Anonymous said...

tsk tsk ... iba talaga ang kulang sa pansin ... baka nga kahit kidlat lang kala ni BF flash ng camera, at tumayo din. Sana gawin nya yon in the middle of an open field.