Monday, July 21, 2008


Is our favorite public servant Fernandong 'Di Bayani pulling a fast one on us, with his sights trained at 2010? I ask this question because just as we woke up one day staring at his despicable pictures on posters all over EDSA, there seems to be another sneaky attempt at name recall of him on buses plying the avenue. Notice how many of these buses sport an elongated poster on its dashboard by the driver's side just behind the windshield with the name 'BAYANI,' and with a matching Philippine flag on the left side. Are those his posters? If they are, then what a shame. How about the posters inside the LRT-3 coaches that says, "Metro Gwapito in 2008 - Metro Gwapo in 2010" Bayani is really trying every trick in his filthy book to remind citizens and commuters that he wants to be president in 2010. So, what better way than to take advantage of the public transport system to support him. If Mr. Fernando can't play fair from where he is today, how much (or less) fair play do you think he would inject just to perpetuate him to power if and when he becomes president? Can you even imagine him painting every building pink, Malacanang Palace included? For a guy whose ego is bigger than his brains, he's better off serving as a Marikina kagawad. This guy doesn't get my vote. Tear down those posters and those elongated BAYANI posters on those buses. Shame on Bayani Fernando!


Maria Angela said...

You have a valid reason to suspect Bayani Fernando's ulterior motives with all these posters.

But it just made me recall what my friends from Marikina told me about this Legend. He never put up any single poster in his second and third term campaign for mayor. His accomplishments in the City are just too obvious even for the deaf and the blind not to take notice. I've been there in Marikina and I sense my friends' pride in their City. It's like the pride of either Ateneo or LaSalle in a UAAP game. How proud are you of your City or of your Mayor or Governor?

To me, he has done more good to the silent majority than his not so good deeds.

I may be wrong but of all politicians and presidential aspirants that I know, he has the fiercest and the most focused motivation to genuinely help our country stand up.

He has really worked very hard to earn my "benefit of the doubt".

LCB said...

Maria Angela,
I respect your position on BF's so-called accomplishments. But that's Marikina City, and Metro Manila ain't the former. First of all, why does his picture have to be bigger than the message on the posters? Ok, so he did good to a lot of people. What about the bad things he and his MMDA storm-troopers have done to the helpless vendors of the cities? The trouble with pseudo-servants like BF is - this has all gotten in his swell head, and just because he has succeeded in Marikina doesn't mean he's free to make a mess of Metro Manila with all his sneaky antics, his ghastly pink fences and those idiotic Metro Gwapo projects, not to mention those unlit concrete barriers that hurt motorists on a daily basis. He may have served many people, but he surely has angered legions more with his cheap tricks just to get him to be a "presidentiable."

Maria Angela said...

I agree with you that he's driven away helpless vendors and my heart goes to them. But I also keep in mind the "not-helpless" vendors which I think are a good number of the illegal vendors. And they are the ones hiding behind the pity we have for the helpless ones... and they are not the ones shown in TV. Again, my observation may not be complete but that's what I saw from decades ago and still see now. This point is debatable.

I hope I don't sound a BF fanatic but it doesn't seem logical for me to think that all he did in MMDA was rubbish. He did some good and which I think are more than what the previous MMDA chairman did (if ever there was) - and which of course I won't expect to come from you, friend. And I dare say, his accomplishments in MMDA overshadow his flaws and bloopers. But these are things that sometimes happen when we take ACTION. By the way, how else can we best discipline those bus drivers to keep in their lane without those concrete barriers? Your idea is good that we put reflectors on these barriers.

I agree with your observation about the MMDA posters. His picture is bigger than the message - bad taste. Minus pogi points sa kanya yun. But personally, at this point, my balance sheet on his credibility says he's not on the red.(or am I just so damn desperate to have a leader that takes ACTION without "commission")

As you've admitted that BF succeeded in Marikina, with his abilities, I am more hopeful that he'll succeed in Metro Manila. I don't want to think that Marikenos are dumb and stupid constituents that BF can dictate on. The people in Marikina must have helped him succeed- as with any massive endeavor.

Thanks for my real estate that I was allowed to stay in your blogspot. Hope to have healthy exchanges with you in the future.


LCB said...

Maria Angela,
I thank you for your keen observations. Yes, I may have been too harsh on BF, but I am only one of the many who really believe that Bayani shouldn't even think of gunning for the presidency. The chairmanship of the MMDA shouldn't be compared with the presidency of the RP. As it is, how can he ever put our country in good running order when he can't even clean up the mess in the MMDA? One pet-peeve I really do have is those unlit concrete barriers that subtract the limbs and claim the lives of motorists on a regular basis. Why can't the MMDA address a simple problem as lighting them up? Has BF overlooked this, or he simply doesn't care at all?! If he was able to 'decorate' our roadways and thoroughfares with pictures of him with positive messages, he should order his engineering department to put his picture-posters on those killer barriers. That way, motorists now would have a valid reason to plough into them! Cheers Angela! and you're most welcome to drop by any time for unlimited and friendly exchange of ideas.

Maria Angela said...

Leslie, thanks for being accommodating!

I think I can live with the so-called "mess" that you - and probably a legion of Binay fanatics - have observed with the MMDA. It pales in comparison to the mess in the Senate and Congress. We'll if one is likes telenovela - they'd certainly love the Senate with all those politician-actors and actor-politicians there. And just a drop of water in the ocean compared to all the accusations hurled at Ping Lacson's dark past in the Police force. Oh, pls don't volunteer Erap. His sweat is more than the results of his actions. One of these days, I would like to make an experiment if MMDA will take an action to put a light/reflector on the concrete barriers. I am a bit confident that MMDA will heed this very valid suggestion. And if it does, it just proves that MMDA can really work with the people. No gov't is perfect but if it takes ACTION to very sound suggestions - like your suggestion, then it can be a gov't that most of us would be willing to work with. Besides it is close to foolishness to put all the blame on the government. The citizenry have a basic role to play in nation building.

If you've been in Farmer's Plaza at the side of Edsa or in Commonwealth Avenue and see it now as a mess, then I would call those places pig s**t when I saw them during the past MMDA administration.


The Game said...

nice posts here. but for maria angela, i have to comment on one of her statements:

I agree with your observation about the MMDA posters. His picture is bigger than the message - bad taste. Minus pogi points sa kanya yun. But personally, at this point, my balance sheet on his credibility says he's not on the red.(or am I just so damn desperate to have a leader that takes ACTION without "commission")

BF is the owner of BF Steel Corporation. As MMDA chair, he has put up quite a number of footbridges and other steel infrastructures ranging from the smallest plant enclosures to the widest pink fences. Can we now dare formulate our conclusion?

LCB said...

The Game,

Do I sense a conflict of interest here? Hehe. Thanks for visiting!

Btw, the MMDA should at least light up those concrete barriers. It's so mind-boggling to think that they couldn't even accomplish a simple basic safety measure.

politikobuster said...

using public funds and government resources for his 2010 presidential ambitions.

tacloban leyte

Take note of the following
1. tricycles with Bayani stickers
2. bayani fernando supporters (or maybe marikina city gov’t or mmda employees) wearing pink shirts
3. government license plate
4. marikina city government logo on vehicle
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

LCB said...

Thank you for the info. I shall look into those items shortly. I understand that a recently-concluded marathon sponsored by 'Botak' entitled "Takbo Bayani" took place - of course this is his way of egging his blind fanatics to start this early education of future voters to pick him as their next president. I find this quite disturbing for a guy who takes advantage of his position to display posters of himself - the message being only secondary. But then again, the metro populace know his true colors, and its sure ain't as healthy as his pink fences, but definitely as brown (or black) as the Pasig River the MMDA should be attending to and pouring its budget for its rehabilitation. Cheers!

Maria Angela said...

The Game,

Am not sure if my logic is cranky but being an owner of a Steel fabrication company doesn't necessarily make BF guilty of corruption by building those footbridges. What I know is that those footbridges serve well their purpose.

If I follow The Game's thought process, I should not then expect the current MMDA to construct any footbridges, or even concrete overpass, or have its own heavy equipment to clean the esteros and various road obstructions because the chairman owns a steel fabrication company, a construction company and is a subdivision developer. so doing all said improvement in the metropolis will cause suspicion. OK or maybe just a very few to avoid suspicion... I know it's not funny but I really tried my best to make sense out of it...

Maria Angela said...

Kung ako ay isa sa mga legal bus operators na lumaki ang kita dahil sa pag-crackdown ng mga kulorum na buses sa EDSA, sino ang makakapigil sa akin kung sarili kong kusang maglagay ng mga BAYANI stickers sa mga bus ko?

The chairman did his job and my company and all my employees benefited from the crackdown of kulorum buses. There is one reason to support the chairman.

politikobuster said...


1. implement u-turn slots
2. close intersections near u-turn slots to motorist and pedestrians
3. install footbridges for pedestrians to cross the street.