Friday, July 25, 2008


My unimpeachable source tells me that boxing great Manny Pacquiao purchased last year the Lexus club along Timog avenue in Quezon City to the tune of PhP35 million. Having done this away from the usual publicity and fanfare, I wonder what giant NIKE (International) thinks about this - with Manny having signed a US$20 million product endorsement contract with them, on condition that he behaves like a good little innocent altar boy, staying away from cigarets, alcohol and gambling such as sabong and casinos, and of course from prostitution joints posing as entertainment theatres and health clubs - like Lexus, and for a guy who shows care for our environment, he surely will be taking good care of the wildlife in Quezon City. I wonder, will former Bayanihan dancer Lito Atienza be doing a macho dance number when the night club reopens under its new management?

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