Friday, August 28, 2009


Some people are agitated with certain government officials (you know who they are) who have newspaper columns or radio-TV talk shows, and members of media who have accepted juicy government sinecures (such as board directorships and consultancies on sequestered firms and GOCCs) without giving up their media jobs.

The popular demand is that there should be action to prevent such an anomalous situation because it is the public interest which suffers therefrom. Especially in the case of media where even top editors and columnists flaunt their open acceptance of dishonest money from the government, thus making a mockery of the independence and integrity of the press.

As to the case of government officials in media (pseudo-press), people say they don't read or listen to these officials anymore who should have the decency to quit their jobs in government and stick to media if that is where they find more satisfaction. Owners of publications and electronic outfits will have to crack down on erring personnel who compromise the integrity of the newspapers and broadcast firms they utilize as vehicles to propagate their vanity. Can you guess who they are?

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