Sunday, August 23, 2009


Do you remember that plan by a previous administration to sell a government-owned property in Fujumi, Tokyo (Japan), and how it could not be sold because it was donated to the Philippine government by former wartime President Jose P. Laurel? The condition was that it should never be sold to any party, and therefore must only be for the sole use by the government diplomatic mission in Japan. The property was purchased by Mrs. Pacencia H. Laurel with her personal funds and donated to the government during the Japanese occupation years. Remarkable and admirable.

Today, we have a government that landgrabs property and pockets the money it earns from overpricing its sale. Other than that, we too have a regime that buys land for a song and then twists the arms of reluctant buyers under pain of harassment, in order to sell it at astronomical figures. Our government officials have been buying properties left and right as if they were being sold during 'midnight madness' sales. It seems that they are in a frenzied rush to purchase prime property. Do they know something we don't? Unbelievable and abominable.


Jerms said...

Yes I recall Cory Aquino wanted to sell the Roponggi property and almost got away with. This would have rake millions of $$$ for her administration, God knows where it would have been used

Jerms said...

How about the Consulate in San Francisco which used to be located on Stockton Street - it was sold during the Cory Administration that created such a big controversy! Can you look into the sale of that property - there were rumors that it was sold below market and later sold at the current market price. There were rumors that the excuse used was that the property was falsely stated as being registered to the Marcoses but title was held by the Philippine government. Whatever happened to the Senate investigation - under Enrile?