Saturday, August 22, 2009


On every special occasion like Christmas or a birthday, one of the questions persistently asked is what makes a man stick to one particular woman, even if there are much prettier and more attractive others in the field. Of course, to be faithful to your woman is something men must always be. Every man, of course, has to spend the precious Christmas Eve dinner with his special someone, whether it be his wife or his girlfriend. I'd like to stretch it a bit further - spending a special occasion with mother dear. The same thing is applied to birthdays. Hence, what makes these special girls tick?

There may not be really one hard-and-fast answer to this question. The best I can do is to tell a story of the late German dictator Adolf Hitler, who married his long-time mistress Eva Braun, hours before both of them committed suicide and their bodies were doused with gasoline and then burned.

Hitler said Eva would "go to her death with me at her own wish." Their brief marriage he explained, would "compensate us both for what we have lost in my work in the service of my people." What the artist-dictator admired most in Eva, who was a mere store clerk in Munich when he met her, was her "lack of intellectual ability" and "unquestioning loyalty."

A lot of Filipino women, especially those identified with the activist circles and the academe will protest my making Hitler's idea of the most desirable traits in women as an example here. Apologies then are in order. It's only because I thought Hitler made a lot of sense and articulated what most of us men would really want in our women - on the "unquestioning loyalty" part. Wasn't this also what our fathers and their fathers before them wanted in their women - to stay home and take care of the children and stick to their men through thick and thin, not asking why? Just pratlling off some thoughts.

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