Friday, July 31, 2009


While many of us have not heard of these war-time publications, I believe recognitions and tributes are in order for the following newspapers and the people behind them.

- Matang Lawin, by Colonel Guillermo Nakar who operated in the Sierra Madre mountains in Nueva Vizcaya.

- The Liberator, by Leon O. Ty, distributed in Manila, Cavite and Bulacan. One of the writers of the Philippines Free Press.

- The Flash, by Pedro dela Llana, which concentrated on war news.

- Ing Masala, the Hukbalahap paper published by the Huks operating in Central Luzon under Luis Taruc.

- Thunderclap, run by the Hunters ROTC guerillas, by Colonel Eleuterio Adevoso, one of the most decorated guerilla leaders during the Occupation.

- Kalibo War Bulletin, by Colonel Macario Peralta.

- Ang Tigbatas, by Colonel Tomas Confesor in Iloilo.

- The Saber, by Wenceslao Q. Vinzons, distributed in Bicol and Laguna.

- The Commentator, by Governor Juan Frivaldo of the Escudero Guerilla Unit of which he was propaganda officer. Distributed in Sorsogon, Masbate and Samar.

- The Bugle, by Colonel Ruperto Kangleon, distributed in Leyte.

These underground newspapers should be given due recognition by no less than the National Historical Institute (NHI), The UP Philippine Historical Society, the National Press Club, the National Museum and the National Library. Let us preserve the memory of these brave editors and writers who fought the Japanese invaders during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines - and risked their lives in the process. Their respective families should be given the honor for their service and bravery in defending the right to information during an oppressive moment in the nation's history.

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