Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Some years ago, I heard an American television commentator describe Zamboanga City, jokingly saying it to be a place "where the monkeys have no tails." It's an allusion to a song American troops used to sing at the turn of the century. The insulting song went: "Oh, the monkeys have no tails in far Zamboanga ..."

Despite the strong protests of Filipinos, U.S. troops continued to sing the song to their hearts' content. That contemptuous song probably explains why so many American troopers were speared or hacked to death in the South - and why the Yanks never conquered the Muslim warriors of Mindanao. The U.S. Army could not stop the Moro fighters. U.S. Army gunsmiths had to develop the .45 caliber pistol that was powerful enough to stop Moro suicide squads who were charging at rattled U.S. soldiers.

American ambassador Kristie Kenney should be careful next time she travels to Mindanao. Some bitter Muslim might be reminded of the song and may just pull out his Kris on her.

(Image from http://www.cryptomundo.com/)

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