Friday, July 31, 2009


I couldn't help but chuckle over reports that an agreement with Cambodia (Kampuchea) had been signed wherein the Philippines would send advisers there to help develop rural health services, agriculture, animal health, irrigation and farm marketing.

In a few years, I thought, that country could overtake us and may even be exporting their products here. Remember, we taught Thai, Indonesian and Taiwanese students who studied agriculture, engineering and medicine right here and then went back home to become leaders of their respective countries. Applying what they had learned here, their countries overtake us to become Asian economic tigers. In the meantime, we remain in the economic doldrums.

Even Vietnam, devastated by close to 50 years of continuous wars and laid waste by tons of bombs from the US Air Force, has risen from the ashes, and many predict would soon overtake the Philippines in a race to become Asia's next economic tiger - or have they already?

What is puzzling is that many Filipino businessmen have rushed over to Vietnam and Cambodia, establishing varied businesses. Do these businessmen now feel they have more chances to strike gold in those countries than here in RP?

The biggest car manufacturer in Vietnam is a Filipino. He could have remained right here. Many other industrialists have formed partnerships with Vietnamese and Cambodian businessmen confident of economic boom in those Asian nations. How come they don't have the same enthusiasm with their ventures here?
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Anonymous said...

I dunno. Maybe the corruption and the red tape in our country have a teeeeeeeensssy thing to do with it.