Thursday, July 30, 2009


The Spanish Inquisition has been revived in the Philippines, it seems. Catholic zealots have started attacking Freemasons for unexplained reasons. Pastoral letters have been read in parishes banning Masonic societies and prohibiting their members from associating with Masons.

Maybe the successors of the Catholic church hierarchy have not forgiven our national heroes, who were mostly Masons, for leading the fight against abuses of the frailes and church domination over the government. Could it also be because present-day Freemasons have started protesting religious intervention by the current administration?

It is a historical fact that Freemasonry is vibrant under oppressive periods when tyranny exists, and "belief in God" is one major requirement of Freemasonry, but memberhip also means immediate excommunication from the Catholic church. This explains why many Masons have become Protestants. But, many too were already Protestants long before they became Masons.

While I personally do not agree with most of the rituals performed during Masonic meetings and rites including its symbols, I too cannot deny the fact that great Filipinos like Rizal, Bonifacio, del Pilar, Pardo de Tavera, the Luna brothers, Aguinaldo, Mabini and subsequent leaders down to Quezon were all Masons - and most of the founders of the Katipunan were Masons. My very own father is a Protestant Mason. The society may have many ritualistic errors, but it may not be that all bad as the Catholic church claims it to be if all these heroes joined it. Or is it?

It's time we take a closer look at this "secret brotherhood" and find out once and for all the true meaning of its existence. But if we do, then it won't be a secret any longer.

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