Monday, July 27, 2009


The Filipino must be supreme in his own country. He must define his national destiny. A people's participation and predominance is vital in defining the national agenda. It should emphasize the primacy of the Filipino in the pursuit of all national goals.

We are a nation divided. The divisions are beginning to develop into fragments, and before long, nothing willl be left but ruins. In the past as in the present, the wealth of the country has been parcelled out among the country's elites. Elites who are greedy and who are without a conscience. Elites without a vision and without competence to manage the affairs of the country for our people. Elites who mouth democracy but practice despotism. In defining our national destiny, the Filipino must be master in his own land. There must be just and democratic allocation of the national wealth among our people. There must be just sharing in the exercise of political and economic power among ethnic groups and various regions of the country.

The Filipino must always be first in his own country. If he comes next to that as in second only, he really never wins the silver. He simpy loses the gold.
Image above is Dr. Jose Rizal, the First Filipino.

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