Saturday, November 01, 2008


Allow me to christen MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando with a new label - 'Father of Metro Manila.' In the vernacular, that would mean 'Ama ng Metro Manila' or magulang. For magulang indeed is he. Imagine, together with his wife-accomplice Marikina City Mayor Marides Fernando, they have flooded the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City with Bayani Fernando tarpaulins and posters. One can only imagine what other places including several other cemeteries are filled with his tarpaulins. As a matter of fact, they were so plenty that they probably outnumbered the dead buried in that final resting place. They simply have no respect at all for both the living and the dead. With Bayani's 'magulang' schemes and tactics, I won't be surprised if the names of the dead will be listed as registered voters in Marikina and then would be voting for him in 2010, if and when he runs for president. But for now, let us zero in on his silly slogans and his idiotic innuendos like the new 'Bayani 2010' stickers now seen on Tamaraw FX taxis, and his new photos on 'improved' posters. I think they're simply a different picture with the same bull. I've said it before, if he can't play fair while he's still a local executive, how fair do you think will he be if he becomes a national executive? God forbid. Bayani Fernando is so 'bilib sa sarili,' he thinks he's God's gift to Metro Manila and the country, which explains his lust for the presidency. But, what he and his mindless supporters will soon find out is that 'BF' is one gift we Metro Manilenos would rather not have at all. Thanks but no thanks. Ang taong ginagago'y 'di boboto sayo.


Prof. Toti Dulay said...

Hi. We welcome your might help Filipinos to think deeper into the 2010. May we also share with you the Best Answer chosen by Yahoo Answers, written by a group called "Circle of the Founding Fathers", in a question:"Who is your prefered next president of the philippines?"

To wit:

"Whenever somebody ask who is the NEXT president of the Philippines, the top of the brand answer is always BAYANI FERNANDO...why?

Just like the rest of them, I also prefer BAYANI FERNANDO as the next president because.......

1. While Money Villar is working hard for money...insertions,behest loans, influence peddling, Bayani Fernando is in the field directing MMDA staff in fixing the drainage and water system of the squatters of Recto in front of Isetannn. Well, Bayani Fernando together with the Three Tenors, also raised money once in a while singing and the beneficiaries are often the Churches and charitable institutions. Bayani Fernando agreed to join the Celebrity Duets and dont wonder if he donate half of his prize to the Caritas. Bayani Fernando has a soft heart for the Church because he was a Church worker (sacristan, yes, just like Basilio and Crispin), when he was a small boy.

2. While Noli de Castro is leaving his first wife to marry a Muslim, Bayani Fernando was in EDSA Revolution with his construction equipments blocking the pro - Marcos tanks from open firing on the armless people in EDSA.

3. While Mar Roxas is stalking Korina Sanchez ..appearing like a jologs teenager crazilly smittened with the oozing sex appeal of Korina, BAYANI FERNANDO is appearing presidentiable by sending people to typhoon stricken Panay.

4. While Ping Lacson is being haunted by the public in the Kuratong and Dacer cases.... BAYANI FERNANDO will look at you straight in the eye and say in a charming Marikina accent na"wala pa syang pinapapatay sa buong buhay nya maski sino".

5. While Loren Legarda is marrying a married man now accused of murder, BAYANI FERNANDO has been a loyal husband to Marikina Mayor Marides Carlos Fernando (daughter of the old rich industrialist Meneleo Carlos) and a doting father to his only child Tala Fernando.

6. "MAREA FROM Heaven" was dominating the political grapevine when GMA 7 featured the MAREA Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Ejercito and Arroyo in a primetime. FROM is Fernando, Roxas, probably Osmena again and probably Magsaysay again. Then HEAVEN, which is still too mystrious to predict. Then GMA 7 invited Bayani Fernando to join the Celebrity Duets and FVR has revealed a "slip of the tongue" in an speaking engagement that the next president is a bayani (hero) and a pink panther which of course he clarified the next day...the usual psywar charm of the dear FVR.

7. Then there was a talk that Noli de Castro accepted a "downpayment' for him to run for reelection as VP, and not as President.

8.. Then the "C5 at Taga" scandal which effectively cut down Money Villar to a money making businessman masquerading as a public servant.

9. Then people are printing BAYANI FERNANDO stickers and paste them in their cars....and reports have it that this BAYANI FERNANDO stickers and poster are sprouting all over the country.

What is really MAREA FROM HEAVEN? It is the mysterious spirit that put an ordinary housewife, a lowly paid professional soldier and a college drop out into the Philippine presidency...(But hey, the Atheist group of UP Diliman is promoting the MAREA DeVil Team..whatever that is....)

Well, all said, the direction is pointing to BAYANI FERNANDO becoming the next president....the script is FROM HEAVEN....."

Thank you for publishing this..this is a sign that your blog is neutral and worth reading.

LCB said...

Prof. Dulay,
Greetings! While I agree with many of the information you have enlightened me with, and while I respect the answers from the question given by the "Circle of the Founding Fathers," the latest SWS survey (Sept. 24-27) showed the ff: De Castro 19%, Estrada 17%, Villar 17%, Escudero 13%, Legarda 8%, Lacson 8%, Roxas 6%, Arroyo 3%, and then Binay, Gordon and Bayani Fernando 1%. Hope this information enlightens you as well. Cheers!

Maria Angela said...

Can't wait to read your write ups about Jojo Binay and his presidential ambitions, Leslie...

LCB said...

Thanks for the reminder Maria Angela. Believe me, it won't be any better thatn BF's. He's another 1% dreamer!