Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks?" - Ezekiel 34:2

We are a nation of counterfeits. A fake president a.k.a. 'The Mole of Asia,' fake economic programs for the poor, fake DVDs peddled by the same people involved in the fake Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MoA-AD), fake presidential announcements like the US$10 billion standby economic package for the ASEAN from the IMF-World Bank, a fake justice secretary who sides with the influential and the opulent, and tells the oppressed to "jump in the lake," fake environmental programs to eradicate air and water pollution, fake transport lines courtesy of LTFRB officials, fake 'nationalistic messages' from an MMDA chairman who wants to be president in 2010 but can't even win the hearts of motorists who succumb to his despicable posters on EDSA each day, a fake presidential spouse who needs to change the first word of his official title from "first" to "farce," fake churches and fake pastors. It would really take a numb and insolent person to not notice the obvious reality. Could it be that all that brew he has been guzzling down like a bottomless and thirsty 8-cylinder SUV caused his numbness? After all, that is his very reason for drinking, to be numb enough to shut off the real world like a leaking faucet and slip into his fantasyland cajoling his Cinderellas. For the moment, let's change the letter 'N' from the word 'Numb' to the letter 'D.' Now that's more appropriate. You see, after this guy was slapped with the disciplinary action he deserved by the legitimate members of the church board, like a wounded puppy ran he to the 'other half' of the church seeking pity and solace, licking his wounds. These wounds are nothing but simple 'galis tuta,' for he has since grown back to become a fierce wolf ready for the next cheap kill. But a mindless one, for how can he still continue using the official church name when he is no longer connected with his former congregation? And what about the leaders of the 'other church' who allow this to be? I'm sure they are aware of such an infraction. Arrogance? Defiance? Nincompoopery perhaps? Guilt -definitely not. As a man of God, and if he still can swallow that label without choking and turning blue, the only pseudonym I can think of befitting him is 'Ichabod,' which simply means "the glory of God has departed." For if indeed they are misrepresenting themselves as a church led by this man, and if true, how can they now exist prosperously and morally if they are now tainted with a blot of illegitimacy? Pity its congregation who are unaware of the 'sinistry in ministry' courtesy of their pastor and a chosen few who are still blind to the truth. So, if it is true that this 'other church' still uses the very same name used by the legitimate church, they are in for some good old-fashioned trouble. Are they that unimaginative and disrespectful as not to take on a new name? So why not 'South Madagascar Church,' a.k.a. SMC with the motto: "Still together, still lost." Methinks the initials SMC fits the pastor well because he's surely at home with it as SMC will always remind him of San Miguel Corporation, brewers of his favorite numbing juice. I have been told by my unimpeachable source that in one occasion, a church member told his associate pastor, "Bridges have been burned. Let's build new ones," to which the latter replied, "If that is so, I will not be the first one to initiate it." Painful words from a pastor, don't you agree? One can only imagine what kind of ministry he has. So the fact is this: There is absolutely nothing now that links the legitimate church name to the illegitimate pastor and his present church and vice-versa, and whatever work he is doing today. Because under this name is only one church. No satellite church nor outreach at the moment, and any other group or groups outside this church are considered copycats and wannabes. And what if this person is caught again with 'his pants down,' so to speak, and then is fingerprinted and blottered and then introduces himself as a pastor belonging to the legitimate church? Further, I was told that the latter's board will not tolerate this for the simple reason that there's a very big chance the former may fall into the same favorite sin of his again, for such is the pattern he has sewn all these years, a tailor-fit scheme of flowery designs for the sole purpose of satisfying his lust, having no genuine repentance and a 'turning away' from the haunting sin that has caused him to hurt many who have trusted him - his close friends and associates, his trainees and members of his congregation and his own wife. To many, this was a trust given to him once and has now been interred, never to resurrect again. And so, what does a lone wolf do next if he is sent away from the pack, crocodile luggage and all? Well, he sharpens first his sense of smell, and when he picks up a scent of fresh meat, he then follows that scent leading him to the next village, now drooling and hungry. There he is met by what seems like a 'welcome reception,' a bacchanalia of sorts, and there he establishes and reinforces new bonds and deals and tells late-night bonfire stories to them of how heartlessly he has been maltreated, how beaten and bruised he has been, though self-inflicted, and how wonderful are the plans he has for them for a prosperous journey in life. He tells them to run their race together with him. What he doesn't tell them is that he wants a piggy-back ride on them towards the finish line, and just a few meters before the finish line, he jumps away from their backs and dashes to make it ahead of the rest. In some dark and evil corner of his mind, his new 'recruits' are just his next victims, and together with all the recycled and plagiarized teachings he brings is the stark and dark reality that the only prosperity he is after is his own prosperity. It's a reminder to all of us that the prophets of old viewed their lives as something to be consumed by God, whereas today's prophets view their lives as something to be enriched by God. And for him to constantly boast and brag about the number of people who attend his church, let me remind this pastor: Our Lord said, "Feed my sheep." He did not say, "Count them."

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