Monday, October 27, 2008

"He goeth after her straightway, as an ox goeth to the slaughter." - Proverbs 7:22

Church leaders who have been told of the immorality of their pastor and still act as if looking forward and moving forward are the only ingredients needed in forgetting the past are in for a big embarrassment and disappointment. Every issue, especially unpleasant, must have an end. A closure. Otherwise, it remains as wide as a gaping wound needing sutures or it will never heal, spreading its gangrene to the rest of the body. It's as simple as someone who is in the know of a crime being committed several times, and then approaches the felon to tell him that he has seen the criminal acts, winks at him in a sinister fashion, and then whispers that he won't tell anyone about it. The former lifts the rug while the latter sweeps the garbage towards it, all at the expense of the unsuspecting congregation. When one is focused on the preacher alone and then ends his vision there, he should soon realize and accept the cruel fact that the preacher has a good chance of being as crooked as scoliosis or as vile as our politicians. But to some, this is simply a tolerable matter. Our subject predator-pastor continues performing his favorite pastime - fooling people, next only to drinking and tinkering with gadgets he calls "the opposite sex." And sure enough, fools are born each day who later in that same day become his instant recruits. It's really so simple to test this person. Just listen carefully to what he says as a broken record plays on an on, and then look closely and you see a whole masquerade and a facade of sorts where it really is the world he lives in, and see the contrasting elements. If you ask me, I'd put my money on the duck in a cockfight rather than bet on a fellow who pretends to be anyone except himself. Freaky as it is, he really is ultimately after your soul, because if he succeeds conquering it, he can command you to do anything. And that is exactly what he has been doing to weak-willed women. After having swept everything under the rug, our predator-pastor is back in fighting form once again, drooling and all, ready to devour his next victim. Just a word of caution to his blind fanatics: when walking with him out in the open, I suggest that you step back several meters behind him. He is a candidate to be struck by lightning at any given time of the day. And yes, if it misses him, it shall defy all logic and rationale by striking at the same spot twice. You see, you could be at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. For God is angry at him and is just being patient with him, But even God runs out of patience, especially if the subject person involved is one who looks at female church members as slabs of steak or pieces of frozen meat he can thaw towards sin, and one who pretends to be an upright man of God. One who looks at you face to face with an angelic smile, and then as you turn your back, paints a mental dartboard of yourself in his lustful mind. I'm just so amazed at how he can manage to hide his tail, or how he can speak in a way that his forked-tongue may not be detected. Now I know why he always wears oversized baseball caps. His horns grow a centimeter longer each time he devours his prey - an inherent character of a ram which coincidentally is the enemy's favorite symbolic animal. So, since his spiritual padrinos and padrinas would rather punch their boy with oversized boxing gloves, applying a mock-up type of disciplinary action instead of addressing the issues point by point, describing the situation may be summed up with these words: Evil is near. Sometimes late at night when the air grows clammy and cold around us as we feel it brushing us. And all that he asks is acquiescence. Not struggle nor conflict, but acquiescence.

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