Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, it will be Halloween once again tomorrow night. Time for children to put on their best costumes and go "trick or treat" in their respective communities. In another neighborhood across the Pasig, there was once a Halloween party a few years ago in Malacanang hosted by no less than President Arroyo herself. Carefully chosen guests were required to come in their best costumes. The cabinet was in attendance. GMA was of course wearing a dwarf's costume while FG Mike came as a Warthog. Donald Dee as a blood-sucking leech, Ronnie Puno came as Pinnochio, Ed Ermita as Methuselah, Butch Pichay as a 1-week old Pechay vegetable, Joey Salceda as the Guyabano man, Cerge Remonde as a dumb donkey, Jun Esperon as another dumb donkey (a bigger ass), Mikey and Luli as a cockroach and a flea respectively (with sincere apologies to cockroaches and fleas for the association). As the invitation required everyone to wear a costume and possibly win the first prize, everyone in attendance hoped to bag it except for one person - Raul Gonzalez. He came as himself wearing his usual everyday 'Americana' attire, and to the surprise of everyone, won the 'best in costume' award.
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