Friday, October 31, 2008


As mentioned, UNDERTOW will list its top ten pet peeves on an occasional basis, a first-hand experience of them, many as they come, right within the heart of Bayani Fernando's Metro-Gago, Tao-Ginago / "urbanidad pero que barbaridad" metropolis.

My top ten pet peeves for this post are as follows:

1. Bayani Fernando's posters. (katas ng flood control project for Metro Manila?)
2. Subdivision security guards who won't accept your ID and insist on your driver's license. (duh!)
3. SM malls featuring caucasian models on their billboards and posters promoting locally-made clothing and items. (don't you like brown people, Mr. Sy?)
4. Movie-goers sitting near you who (still) talk on their cellphones while the film is on. (are you telling him the story, 'cause I bet your abusing your Sun cellular?!)
5. Cashiers who always ask you for coins before giving you your change. ("may dalawang piso nalang kayo?")
6. Out of order MRT escalators. (MRT=Massive Respiratory Tension)
7. Out of order LRT elevators. (LRT=Lacking Repairs Today)
8. Internet cafe customers who play on-line games, screaming and cursing. ("hey boy, this your house too?")
9. Idiotic noontime shows like 'Wowowee' that promote mendicancy to its contestants both young and old. ("hello papi, ang pogi pogi mo talaga! pa-kiss! penge pera!")
10. Idiotic noontime show hosts like Willie Revillame who openly displays his sexual immorality while exploting young girls on his show. (attention: MTRCB ... again.)

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