Saturday, September 12, 2009


The Philippines, desperately trying to solve its foreign debt problem, could follow the example of Poland, where most of its foreign debts were written off by the rich Western powers and the international lending institutions after it had switched from Communism to Democracy.

Our country could formally declare itself a 'Communist State' and simulate a class struggle where Democracy would eventually win, with the Western powers rooting for a Filipino Lech Walesa.

After the return of Democracy, then the country's multi-billion dollar debt would be written off by the IMF-World Bank upon prodding of the US and the other members of the Paris Club.

Of course, I'm only kidding.

But seriously, it seems that the US helps only former enemies. Look how it helped rehabilitate Germany and Japan. It was busy helping Mikhail Gorbachev's Soviet Union - and then Vietnam, which handed the US its first military defeat.

Perhaps we fought on the wrong side when we defended the US in the Pacific War. We should have sided with Japan. Then maybe we would have been given massive US aid and we would now have become one of Asia's economic tigers instead of economic pussies.

Of course, I'm only kidding again. Or am I?

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Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

actually, pare... we WERE one of Asia's economic tigers back in the Ramos era...