Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Remember all that fuss over chocolate cookies sold in London called Filipinos? And how some of our instant nationalists bashed the British for racism against Pinoys because the cookies were dark outside but white inside, implying being non-white to be inferior? Methinks many of us Filipinos are really guilty of the fact that while we are dark outside, we really are white inside as in suffering from an acute case of colonialic mentalitis.

It turned out the cookies were not even made in the UK, but by a US food giant, with branches in Spain where it had been quite a hit for several years. Some friends say that on the contrary, we Pinoys should be happy and proud over having a favorite food named after us which simply means we are a source of delight and satisfaction. And after all, since many years back, one of the basic food items in almost all Pinoy homes has been the good old Pan Americano and not a squeak was heard from the Yanks on this.

There are times when nationalism and racial sensitiveness can be overdone, wouldn't you agree? And, aren't we also oh so guilty of even bigger crimes when we ourselves have added to our exciting vocabulary of cuss words such slanders as intsik, negro, bumbay, muslim and hudyo?

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