Thursday, September 10, 2009


We join the many caring people in praising the efforts of the officers and members of ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) who have dedicated themselves to stopping the exploitation of children all over the world, especially in Asia. ECPAT reports that in the Philippines alone, there are roughly over 70,000 prostituted children below 18 years old, who have been deceived to sell their bodies as cheap commodities or used by sex perverts in pornographic magazines. These children are regarded as objects of loot and lust, it was stressed.

The Philippines is said to be a favorite destination of sex perverts from the West, because poverty has driven many families to sell their children. We denounce a recent publication by a Japanese magazine nude photos of children aged 12-14 years, from Cebu City and Manila. The mag even printed the addresses of brothels where the children could be found. The publication was quoted as stating that "Manila and Cebu are the treasure lands of girl prostitutes. If you want to buy young girls but cannot afford to go to Thailand, Manila is the place to go. Night entertainment in the Philippines is one of the best in South-East Asia. Filipinas are full of hospitality ranging from services in bed to serving food."

How revolting.

In their enthusiasm to lure in foreign tourists, the Department of Tourism (DOT) would do well to coordinate with concerned private groups like ECPAT just to make sure we don't also bring in the wrong visitors who are perverts and sex maniacs. ECPAT reports the failure of authorities to the rise of prostitution in the country. The existence of sex tours catering to Japanese, European, and now Korean tourists have resulted in the proliferation of prostitution houses and sex dens. The failure of authorities to end these sex tours (at times they are the promoters) and illegal tour guides makes one wonder what really is the government doing to protect our children. It is said that not a few officials and police officers are being bribed regularly by vice lords who run the brothels.

The law's effectiveness could only be seen when the rights of the child are fully protected and children are no longer seen in the streets being sold for sex. Sex syndicates, perverts and pedophiles and owners of brothels must be punished severely, as corrupt police and government officials who abuse power by allowing child sex exploitations must be exposed and sent to jail.

Our children are our future. Let us protect them well.

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