Sunday, September 13, 2009


Isn't there a Supreme Court ruling that explicitly prohibits Cabinet members from holding additional posts such as chairmanships and directorships in government corporations like the GSIS, SSS, Philippine banks, and even the Philippine Airlines? If there is still an ounce of delicadeza in them, they should immediately resign such posts and furthermore, return the money they had earned from these juicy mini-thrones.

Many Cabinet members had scrambled to get directorships that carried huge honoraria and lavish perquisites. The Anti-Graft League and the Civil Liberties Union should ask the Supreme Court for an amendatory ruling directing these Cabinet men to return the sums they got from their additional positions.

In addition, there too is an anomaly in government which needs to be checked immediately. This is government officials' failure to liquidate their cash advances and insistence on making more such advances without making the proper accounting of previous ones. One top ranking current official in the government propaganda arm has unliquidated cash advances amounting to PhP 30 million already. Hence, how too can he build a mansion up in Tagaytay City with just a government official's salary unless of course he is into something immoral and illegal, like unliquidating his cash advances?

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