Monday, September 14, 2009


The great Pablo Picasso had a friend who was an art collector and dealer. The gentleman asked Picasso to go through his collection and separate out the fakes and the forgeries from the real ones.

Picasso, going through his paintings - "real, real, fake, real .. that's fake .. that one too .. real, fake, real, real ..." - when his friend interrupts him.

"Wait, Pablo! That one's not a fake. I saw you paint it with my own eyes."

Picasso replies, "I can fake a Picasso as well as anyone else."

Back here at home, we do have a law punishing forgery of art works. There have been too many counterfeit paintings appearing in the market, especially from the masters such as Fernando Amorsolo, Juan Luna and Botong Francisco. The syndicates behind the fake masterpieces mean business. They had organized a lobby against this law and have even "silenced" a witness, a forger in their employ who was ready to testify against them. The law is necessary. Most of our courts simply warn that buyers must beware when looking around for collections. Caveat emptor, the courts say.

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