Saturday, August 08, 2009


While the nation stood still as it said goodbye to a dame of democracy, an icon of immorality insulted the former's funeral cortege simultaneously aired on his noontime show Wowowee as an inset on nationwide TV, displaying absolute disrespect and arrogance as he complained for such. He didn't find it appropriate that his hypnotized fanatics would be viewing the pre-burial procession of Mrs. Aquino at the same time he was acting his usual day after day behavior, wantonly insulting our womenfolk with his sexual innuendos, while likewise promoting mendicancy to his contestants, each competing against each other with the most tragic and saddest misfortunes in life - in exchange for a dollar dole-out or a a peso-prize, and then invisibly patting himself on his back for a noble deed well done for the day, unmindful and uncaring with the damaging precedent it always delivers.

Willie Revillame is a monster that ABS-CBN has assembled from cheap scrap metal, in the hope of turning him into fine gold, and then into a goldmine too. And in achieving that, here is an example that not all that's gold glitters. And sure enough, whatsoever it soweth, it reapeth. Its owners and its talents like Revillame must never forget that if it weren't for Corazon Aquino, their station would, to this day, still be a huge bodega for antiquated teleprompters and TV cameras. It was right after the 1986 EDSA people's revolt that ABS-CBN received its second birth, after many years of "off the air" status courtesy of the Marcos regime's iron grip on press freedom. By now, they should have learned their lessons that they could be switched off again by an irate citizenry who demand its deserved respect and moral uprightness. It's now obvious that 'faux-bonhommes' like Revillame and his network bosses are willing to sacrifice morality and wholesome programs in exchange for ratings and profit. Wowowee is simply a euphemism for those sleazy establishments along Quezon Avenue, a day-time version of the night-time shows there, and is it a coincidence that these joints are a stone's throw away from kapamilya kingdom? I wonder, does Big Brother who tolerates not any form of wrongdoing have anything to say about this?

I am tired of seeing Revillame apologize before a nationwide telecast after making an ass's ass of himself with his verbal diarrhea. He seems to have made the practice of a public apology a convenient way out for him, after doing so a few times, with matching crocodile tears and a pachydermic long face. Another apology from him this time must be deemed lacking and insufficient. Both the MTRCB and ABS-CBN must act decisively and now focus towards a genuine attempt at bringing good, family-based wholesome programs on air. They should always bear in mind that a huge number of their viewers and subscribers are the young generation, and if these media do nothing day in and day out but pass on the wrong values to our youth by way of unregulated filthy programs like Wowowee, then our youth is in for some big-time moral bankruptcy.

It's time to borrow the Marcos regime's spirit of censorship and erase for good this program once and for all. And as for this Willie of Importune, he has made his pile and can always return to playing the drums in one of those places along neighboring Quezon Avenue.


kaiser sosa said...

He should be nailed to a tree.

Raúl Ibáñez said...

You may as well have read my mind. Yes, Willie Revillame can go back to his drums. And, yes, as you put it, he is "a monster that ABS-CBN has assembled from cheap scrap metal" that will take some smelting to turn into fine gold.

gerardo eusebio said...

Willie Revillame should be lynched and hung high. Tomorrow, I am sure he would again shed crocodile tears and perform the most impassioned melodramatic apology - an act that he has perfected after the infamous Wowowee Stampede that he has survived unscathed and that actually upped his talent fee in the Orocan world of showbiz.