Thursday, August 06, 2009


There is much speculation over that PhP100 million bullet-proof building in Malacanang that was built during the Aquino presidency, that the building will soon be refurbished in preparation for the people's wrath in the event President Arroyo decides to hang on to power beyond 2010. The building will have enough room to provide shelter for the President, her family and her select few. That mystery building is reported to have underground bunkers which are not only bullet-proof but also bomb-proof.

The bunkers would be where President Arroyo would make a last stand should a new group of military putschists succeed in penetrating the Palace, and should the people begin to storm Malacanang in a civil war.

Some of Arroyo's advisers may have been studying the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler who built the Feuhrerbunker in his Chancellery where he, Eva Braun and his trusted staff and a favorite German shepherd made their last stand as the Russians poured into Berlin and where they all committed suicide rather than surrender to the enemy.

This Gotterdammerung talk resulting from the secrecy of the building is a grim forecast of the worst scenario and should be discouraged. This could be achieved if only Palace officials were not so mysterious about the edifice. Are they really hiding something other than the enormous sum that was spent for such a seemingly useless building?

Any which way, it does appear that the building is to be reconstructed and reinforced because Palace officials have already began to fear the people and have taken steps to protect themselves if and when their boss breaks another promise not to seek another term - in case angry and hungry hordes begin to storm the Palace.

And again the choice narrows, as leaders are chased by the people like the mobs in Russia and France, between fight and flight.

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