Tuesday, August 04, 2009


In 1898, the United States grabbed from the Aetas an area known later on as Clark Air Base - to be used as grazing area for the horses of the U.S. Cavalry. When the place was given back to the Philippines some years ago, its condition after the Mount Pinatubo eruption was worse than what it was in 1898.

"They didn't even clean it up," laments a flustered Philippine Air Force officer who attended the turn-over rites then. It would do well for us to return the land to the Aetas who owned it in the first place. And while at it, why not propose Clark Air Base to be renamed after a prominent Filipino - the late Justice Jose Abad Santos who hailed from Pampanga, before some sneaky Malacanang apologist throws a suggestion to rename it to another person who hails from the same province - or worse, to 'Bong Pineda Resort & Casino,' or 'Lito Lapid Stud Farm.'

Abad Santos was executed by the Japanese because he refused to cooperate with them by serving in the civilian government formed by the invaders. One of the outstanding officials in the Quezon era, the justice led an exemplary life.

(Image from http://upolad.wikimedia.org/)

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