Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Hazardous Duty, a book by retired General John K. Singlaub, a trusted adviser of the Republican Party, confirms that the late President Ferdinand Marcos had a gold hoard worth US$12 billion. The gold, Singlaub says, came from treasures confiscated from Japanese military officers, and not from "skimmed-off" U.S. aid.

Singlaub said he had participated in efforts to locate the Marcos gold bullions when he accepted a consultancy with Nippon Star, a treasure-salvage group headed by a reputable couple surnamed Harrigan.

Singlaub said Nippon Star had documents to show upwards of 300 tons of bullion and other gold that had been buried in the Philippines by the Japanese military, which had looted the national treasures, private banks and temple complexes in Hong Kong, Burma, IndoChina and the Dutch East Indies. The treasure hoard was sent to the Philippines because Tokyo planned to make the Philippines a colony. General Tomoyuki Yamashita dispersed the treasure in 172 carefully chosen sites, and an elite team of geologists and engineers came from Tokyo to bury the gold. All the sites were disguised. All were protected by several layers of booby-traps. One underwater site in Calatagan Bay was a shaft blasted 70 feet deep into a coral reef. According to Japanese records, 5 tons of gold bullion and several barrels of precious stones were buried there.

Somehow, the shrewd Marcos was able to get the Yamashita treasure by arresting American, Japanese and Filipino treasure hunters and confiscating the treasures they found. But Marcos was able to rake off only a dozen or so of the biggest sites, leaving well over a hundred untouched.

Singlaub said the Nippon Star operations failed because they committed a tactical error of concentrating on the Calatagan site. The firm ran out of money and he returned to the U.S., convinced there are still billions of dollars worth of the Yamashita treasure lying around in the Philippines. He said the Nippon Star operations were known to the Aquino government which gave its permission for the group to locate the Marcos gold hoard. A percentage of the find would of course have to be given to the Aquino government.

I don't know about you, but I think I'm taking scuba diving lessons soon.

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jerms said...

kudos! this is part of the conspiracy to oust Marcos 1 year before his official term ended. This has a lot to do with the gold that Marcos held and that the Americans lay claim to. That is also why Marcos was acquitted in the RICO case in New York - there was evidence presented about his bullions deposits.