Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm tired of Mr. Raul Gonzalez's dirty antics, and the time to teach him a lesson is now. Imagine, the arrogance when asked about the granting of freedom to Claudio 'Bobbins' Teehankee Jr., when he replied, "the granting of executive clemency is a judgment call on the part of the president, whether there is a basis or not makes no difference." While I tend to agree on the first sentence of his statement, I abhor the second. What would now stop the other inmates like former Mayor Antonio Sanchez from seeking the same? There must always be a basis however shallow that may seem. A Justice Secretary who proclaims that executive clemency is fine and dandy even without basis shouldn't be in the justice department at all. He should now be in some retirement home with a rusty orinola under his bed, teddy bear in tow, playing sudoku or solitaire. he should never have been Justice Secretary in the first place, for his appointment had nothing to do with his credentials. His appointment was a simple political gift for playing the role of attack-dog and Mr. Nasty for Gloria with the occasional game of "fetch" and "roll-over." So, while he's at it tail wagging and all, why not also play the game "play dead?" A Justice Secretary who adds salt to an open wound by addressing the eternal grief of the Hultmans calling them "hypocrites," and telling them to just "go jump in the lake" for simply reacting like any grief-stricken human being must be the first to jump in the lake - of fire. Hypocrites they certainly are not. They were simply reacting as a family who lost a dear teen-aged girl from the hands of a gunman. Any grieving mother or father would react similarly. But it sure takes a heartless, tactless and mindless man like Raul Gonzalez to keep on making insulting statements to the public, or to anyone who dares question the programs of his master's regime, and this is not the first time. He has done this to several people in the past. He obviously hasn't learned his lesson when he got really sick but recovered only to continue abusing his position and insulting people again with his side remarks. Time to repent Raul, or you won't be getting visitors soon in your sick-bed or retirement home, or shall I say - sanatorium?

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