Thursday, October 16, 2008


There are many ways to remove a sitting (squatting) president, and impeaching one applies only if the subject was legitimately installed. That's why I don't buy the impeachment process. It's a way of recognizing GMA as the legitimate president, and that the power grab of 2001 was a constitutional process. At some point in our lives, we all thought it was. But the truth always comes out sooner or later. We have learned through the course of educating ourselves and the intricate legal factors involving GMA's ascending to the throne to be a plain and simple conspiracy between former Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. for the Supreme Court and General Angelo Reyes Jr. for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and several members of the so-called civil society who are now the usual suspects impeaching Mrs. Arroyo. Are these the lessons we want to pass on to our children? That conspiracy amongst the so-called guardians of the constitution and the defenders of the people shall be forgotten and just be written in our history books for our next generation to read and relish? These are the very same faces we now see trying to remove Gloria from office, after conspiring with each other to remove Joseph Estrada from the same. If Gloria Arroyo grabbed power from a legitimate head of state in 2001, then the same power must also be grabbed from her in the same manner. Give them a dose of their own medicine, however bitter you would like it to be for the swallowing to be most unpleasant, for it only serves them right. The impeachment exercise is futile unless one has the numbers in the Lower House. Period. It's not so much a judicial process as it is a political one. In short, if Gloria has the major support of the pro-administration congressmen in the house, then, another failed impeachment is in the offing. The opposition should make up its mind first as to what course to take. They must choose wisely first and not be cry-babies just like Michael Jackson who once cried racism to his detractors. But shouldn't Michael pick a race first before complaining? Same with the opposition. Speak in one voice first before going to battle. There are many ways to skin a cat. We can start something preliminary by boycotting the products and services of the many business entities and firms known to be close to the present administration, as a percentage of their income somehow find their way into some open hands waiting in Malacanang, or to some noisy General to shut him up, or to some one-track minded journalist to encourage him further to praise even the most absurd programs of this administration. Remember the time when then President Cory Aquino called for the collective boycott of San Miguel Corporation and its various products? Well, it didn't exactly put a dent on SMC, but a strong and clear message was delivered. Today, it is common knowledge that the Pagcor is a milking cow of many VIPs in the administration and in the Media. As gambling is an outright evil, Pagcor sends a very dark message to the youth that community-based gambling is alright, since Pagcor operates a gambling joint almost always somewhere in one's neighborhood. Sad to say, even some priests and bishops support and defend gambling, as evidenced in a recent ground-breaking ceremony of one of Pagcor's future projects in Paranaque City. Even local parishes tolerate such, joining forces everytime they sponsor a bingo social. We need a change of heart to fight the immorality all around us. Government-sponsored immorality is the evil that smiles in front of you and then screws you when your back is turned. Maybe if we politely ask Gloria to resign, she may since her popularity rating is still in the negative. Maybe she will still hear the cries of the people for her to step down peacefully. But for a president who claims that she talks to God, and then does so in front of a mirror, well, even one's own reflection can be deceiving sometimes.
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