Thursday, October 16, 2008


Our PNP's criminal activities have gone global. Not satisfied with the usual local criminal acts here in the Philippines, former top-gun PNP Comptroller General Eliseo Dela Paz and party (the police force's equivalent of the AFP's General Carlos Garcia), put our country in a very embarrassing situation when he was detained recently by airport authorities in Moscow, Russia, having been found carrying in his person 105,000 Euros, or the equivalent of roughly PhP 7 million. And this was already at the airport as they were on their way out, about to board a departing plane from Moscow, which means that they surely had much more money because they had already paid for hotel accomodations, meals, transportation, shopping etc. PNP apologists General Nicanor Bartolome and the ever-doubtful DILG Secretary Ronaldo Puno were quick to defend their boy when they said that the money found with General Dela Paz was simply a "contingency fund." Tell that to the marines boys! First and foremost, you have disobeyed your mama master's order to spend money like a true-blue Ilocano spends his money. Second, why have that much cash with you? Ever heard of the term credit card? You're supposed to be a law-abiding police officer whether here or abroad, and you should have checked first on the local Russian laws regarding your felon. Looks like it's another junket trip for a recently-retired police general's pabaon. The guilty parties should instead be playing Russian Roulette with a different version: 5 bullets loaded in a 6-shooter.


Dx said...

Disgusting, despicable. You can't find an honest pinoy leader now.

Sometimes I'm thinking of voting for Eddie Villanueva just to try someone that is not a known politician.

Asia's first Airline comes from Philippines, we had the first jet fighter in Asia. There was a time that we have classrooms in almost every barangay and other asian countries are studying under the fucking trees.

but where are we now? we are so behind it will take a miracle for us to even get back to middle position. Disgusting!!!!!
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Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

greetings! borrowed your photo of dela paz for my own blog: was also pleased to find that you are Ariel Bocobo's daughter. i've been a fan of your father since the heydays of the Manila Standard in the early nineties, where he always had something amusing in his "would you believe" department... cheers!

LCB said...

hi jasper by all means feel free.. thanks for the kind words re my old man, yes i do remember his "would you believe department" part un his column.. oh by the way, i'm not his daughter. i'm his son. don't let my first name mislead you. I know, how many guys do you know with a first name such as mine? leslie nielsen, leslie hope (bob hope) leslie ford (gerald ford), leslie bauzon.. thats about it. anyways cheers! i shall be linking your blog to mine.

Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

hot dang...! i'm sorry for the gender error, sir... please pardon me for the late response and many thanks for linking me up! your blog will be listed in mine as well... cheers!

LCB said...

Hot dang! love that expression! Reminds me of the deep south! No apologies please. Cheers bro!