Wednesday, October 15, 2008


With the US elections just around the corner, Americans will be choosing a new president and vice-president whose priority agenda is to hopefully catapult troubled American economy to a promising future, to say the least. Will they now be having a black man in the White House, or will it be the man who keeps saying, "Change Washington." Well, I find it hard to believe this from someone who's been there longer than the Lincoln Memorial. When it's about Senator Barack Obama, race is the issue. When it's Senator John McCain, age is the issue. And a lot of times, when it's about Governor Sarah Palin, gender is the issue. Back here at home, when it comes to Gloria Arroyo, aside from the issue on corruption, the other main issue about her is the illegitimacy issue, which to this day remains unresolved. I think it won't come now as a surprise for an African-American to shine amongst a still predominantly white America, but not for long. This phenomenon already happens in the PGA, the American golfing world. Whereas, 100 years ago, when 20 men were chasing a black man, that was the Ku Klux Klan. Today, when 20 men chase a black man, that's simply the PGA, with Tiger Woods always leading the pack. And what is to become of Condoleeza Rice, presently the US Secretary of State? Will Filipino-Americans still call her their paella negra or black paella? And what about Republican VP bet Sandra Palin? I think the difference between her and Gloria is this: The Republican vice-presidential bet is Sarah Palin, while the Lakas-Kampi presidential bet is garapalin.

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