Thursday, July 31, 2008


Is it still a surprise to Malacanang why again President Gloria Arroyo's popularity and acceptance rating has now dropped further to an all-time low? Some of the reasons are as follows:

1. GMA flies to the US with a colossal entourage of 57 (un-named) congressmen, 1 senator, 10 cabinet members, and a hundred plus more government officials and security personnel, including the Macapagal-Arroyo family costing P75 million of taxpayers' money.

2. She continues to reward Romulo Neri - with a new appointment as President and CEO of SSS.

3. Instead of proceeding to typhoon-damaged provinces like Iloilo, Romblon and Aklan, she goes instead to Baler, Digos, Aurora and Davao del Sur for political meetings.

4. She refuses to give in to public clamor for the scrapping of the VAT on food and oil.

5. With millions of Filipinos suffering and dying of hunger, she attends an affair at the World Trade Center (WTC) flaunting $20,000 worth of pearl earrings and a necklace with a matching $3,000 dress.

6. The NFA continues to import rice at a very high price - 600,000 metric tons of rice was bought at $940 per metric ton when the going price is $790 per metric ton.

7. She and her family members and her cabinet men continue to use gas-guzzling 8-cylinder Expeditions, Escalades and Mercedes-Benzes (she uses a 12-cylinder Mercedes) and luxury SUVs tailed by the usual convoy of equally gas-guzzling back-up vehicles.

8. When Typhoon Frank hit the country, instead of cutting short her US trip, and after meeting with President George Bush on day 3 of her visit, she continued to make less important trips rather than coming back home immediately to be with the people.

9. She continues to utilize spokespersons and apologists who say nothing on TV but lies, lies and more lies.

10. To this day, she still refuses to address the illegitimacy issue hounding her presidency.

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