Monday, July 28, 2008


Gloria Arroyo's apologists like Eduardo Ermita, Lorelei Fajardo and Anthony Golez keep on saying that their boss would "rather be right than popular." Fine. But even right, from the eyes of the citizenry she ain't. As confirmed from recent survey results on how the Filipino people view her as "their president," it speaks well from where her strength (or weakness) arises. Perhaps, it is as she wants it to be, not as the people feel her to be. To me, the strength of a true leader lies in a relationship: that is defined as the political bond between the leader and the led. The strength of a true leader lies in an investment of goodwill and compassion for the people. The strength of a true leader mirrors the social and moral conditions of the masses. The strength of a true leader comes from the dynamics of the working class and the peasants participating in the struggle of building a nation together. The strength of a true leader is in the collective identity of the citizens expressed by the eloquence of the heart and not the fine choice of words - as in the speech Gloria Arroyo delivered in yesterday's SONA. The strength of a true leader lies not in turning "the misfortunes of the masses into a joyous pageant." We witnessed the state of the nation from a leader who speaks of her strength alongside that of our country, but the programs of her pseudo-reign must have the countenance of a human face, else they cannot stand alone as the sole objects of our national destiny, nor of our shared strength. The strength of a true leader is in telling to the whole nation the true state of it. Yesterday's SONA was fiction with a touch of tragedy whose main characters are Gloria Arroyo and her cabal of self-serving lawbreakers in disguise as lawmakers in the House.
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