Monday, July 28, 2008


Presidential Management Staff (PMS) head Secretary Cerge Remonde lied on national TV before the Filipino people when he said that President Gloria Arroyo will not be "making bola" on her 8th State Of The Nation Address (SONA). Indeed, nakakahawa na talaga ang pagsisinungaling sa Malacanang. On the other hand, Speaker Boy Nograles defended the beautification project of the Batasan Pambansa which cost taxpayers' money some PhP90 million. That much just to please one power-grabbing president? If it costs PhP700 thousand to refurbish each toilet in the Batasan, can you imagine how many toilets that amount could build for our public schools around the country, whose ratio is one toilet for every two thousand pupils? No wonder the PNP surrounded the Batasan today for GMA's SONA, that's because a majority of the criminals in our country were inside Congress today with their expensive jewellery and barongs. What twisted characters these people are. We really are a bunch of show-offs, and when it comes to pagalingan and pahabaan, 'di tayo patatalo. Imagine, we make a big deal of priding ourselves of having the longest puto bumbong, the longest Banana Q, the largest bibingka and the biggest boodle fight. How about the longest list of Pinoy congressmen and women with US green cards, or the longest list of lies by a sitting president?

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