Thursday, October 29, 2009


Chiz bolts the NPC. Danding remains silent as usual, living up with the role that of an eminence grise. An invisible political hand conducting matters from the top at the giant SMC offices with Ramon Ang as the human ATM.

There has always been a Cojuangco hand in government affairs since the revolution against the Spaniards at the turn of the century, and then successively in all Philippine governments from the American Period to the Japanese Occupation and the post-Liberation years, and after independence under different presidents.

However, the Cojuangcos were dissapointed when Fidel Ramos began to buck their demands and decided the family had to come together again to operate as a single efficient unit to preserve the clan and their prominence in the country's life.

Do you remember that September 21 rally in 1997 when Cardinal Jaime Sin had been quoted as saying that that rally was really the idea of the Cory Aquino clan and he (Sin) did not even have a hand in organizing it? It was only after it was finalized that he was informed about it and readily agreed to help because it gave a chance to hit two birds with one stone: continue the hatred against Ferdinand Marcos (who declared Martial Law on September 21, 1972), and stop Fidel Ramos dead on his tracks from continuing as president after his term ended.

As to the Cojuangco influence under the Ramos administration, it was said all had diminished when FVR ceased to become a marionette of the clan. Only former Senator Francisco Sumulong retained some sort of influence on Malacanang, but even he had become remote from the center of power.

No need to cry over spoiled cheese. Danding has no regrets on Escudero's departure. He still has two nephews in the presidential race - Gibo and Noynoy. Forget party loyalty. Forget family feuds. Forget past political atrasos.

Blood is thicker than - beer.

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