Tuesday, October 27, 2009


SLEEPLESS IN MY SHUTTLE. Filipinos have become the largest Asian immigrant population. In the US alone, it is a fact that every state has at least one Pinoy family cooking adobo and pancit.

But this is not at all flattering. During the Marcos years, Pinoys fled mostly to the US as political refugees. Many came back after Aquino came to power. But soon, they started leaving again because of extreme economic difficulties and government incompetence. During the Aquino years, Pinoys swarmed to other countries to look for employment since they had no job opportunities in the Philippines. When a vengeful, inutile government comes to power, the citizens are the first ones to suffer. Such was the case during the Aquino years.

People leave their homeland when things become desperate and when they can no longer feed their families, very much like the Irish who fled Ireland in the thousands during the potato famine.

With Noynoy Aquino and his runningmate what's his name topping surveys for now, having no clear plataporma but all puro porma, this dynastic duo may have an excellent chance at greatness, that is - solving the country's over-population problem.

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