Sunday, October 04, 2009


We are rankled by reports from the United Nations that the Philippines is now No. 2 in the world for child prostitution, coming second only to India. And, if things worsen, we may soon be No. 1.

Government efforts to remedy the situation are far from satisfactory which is the reason we continue to be the favorite destination of paedophiles and other forms of sex perverts from the US and Europe. Pictures of innocent young children from the Philippines are circulated all over Europe as come-ons for travel to the country for sexual pleasures. These periodicals point to the fact that Philippine authorities are lax and many may be easily bribed for sex perverts to escape being hauled before local courts. These periodicals also mention that parents here are lured with only a few dollars to consent to having their children go out with foreigners.

Pagsanjan, Laguna has been pictured as an example where parents welcome with open arms foreigners who arrive with gifts and who offer money to cavort with the young kids there. We know for a fact that quite a number of such foreigners in Pagsanjan live in homes they had built for the families of children who are objects of their desire.

The perplexing thing is that even town officials tolerate the presence of these vultures. Let's kick them out before they outnumber Koreans here 2-1.

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