Friday, October 09, 2009


With elections just a few months away, Congress must now repeal the authority conferred on the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to grant exemptions from the gun ban provided by Republic Act 7165. In addition, the same Congress must also repeal another provision under that law authorizing Comelec to provide security to a candidate for public office who has a threat to his life for the duration of the elected period.

A total gun ban during the election period is a prerequisite to clean and honest elections. Exemptions will only create problems for everyone, and we should instead avoid creating situations that give rise to problems especially when granting exemptions to the gun ban.

Candidates who receive threats during the campaign period and thereafter must withdraw from the race since these candidates become security risks and a financial burden to the government which has to provide protection for him. The more bodyguards a candidate has doesn't necessarily mean the more important he is. It simply means the lesser he is loved by the people, otherwise he would not even fear for his life even when he is in the midst of them. A candidate who is afraid to die is not fit to serve.

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