Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Chavit Singson is alive and well as he is - like a cat, or more specifically like his giant feline, a Bengal Tiger deemed to have nine lives. He has cheated death many times, the not so recent of which was when he escaped with non-life threatening injuries from a helicopter crash while campaigning in the Mountain Province. Before that, he defied death when he courageously plucked out a pin-less, live grenade from the trembling hands of a hostage-taker in a gripping drama right in the heart of Manila just a spit away from Fred Lim's City Hall. Before that, he survived an aneurysm attack. Still further back, he had bucked ambuscades, sustaining wounds in different parts of his body. The former governor-turned-deputy-national-security-adviser walked out unscathed some years back from would-be assassins masquerading as checkpoint personnel in the dead of night. As Manong Chavit approached the purported checkpoint-botched ambush, cat-like instincts told him here was danger waiting for him. He was to expose jueteng anomalies the very next day. Killers could be out to get him to prevent him from blowing his rusty whistle. As if on cue, Chavit stopped his convoy and sounded out authorities of a road accident. The timely arrival of the police and several town mayors from his Republic of Ilocos Sur aborted what could have been a bloody encounter between Chavit's boys and heavily-armed "checkpoint" men that night. Chavit went on to say his jueteng piece in the Senate against President Joseph Estrada who was kicked out of Malacanang - and is contemplating a grand comeback. Well, Chavit is alive and kicking, eight years now since being instrumental in instigating Erap's banishment from the Palace by the Pasig, and was the man who would usher Gloria Arroyo to an insatiable greed for power. Many say that this was his biggest disservice to the Filipino nation, and I agree. And oh, did I mention he had a heart bypass?

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